Sunday, May 31, 2009

UU Church - become a part of the community

We have recently returned to the church we went to before Jamie. (BJ) It's a Unitarian Universalist who believe all religions have part of the truth and no religion has all of the truth. Since I am such a 'on the other hand' type of thinker this is the perfect environment for me, and Mike loves it too.

We started back because Jamie started asking to go to church. She goes to a Catholic Daycare and they talk about church alot in there apparently.

Anyway we are trying to embrace the congregation, as the pastor is leaving in June. If we aren't connected to folks in the congregation we won't continue to go. This pastor has been preaching that the last several sermons we have attended and it makes sense.

I have met one lady who quilts which I have always wanted to learn to do. She is even offering me one of her extra sewing machines. Last night we went to a chili cookofff that had line dancing. I am not a fan of line dancing, but Jamie loved it. There were four other little girls there and they danced together and ripped and roared all night. (Jamie came home and vomited all over the bed afterwards though)

I have met another couple who have SLR cameras which I am in the process of buying right now. (My buying process is a bit longer than most folks).

We hope to put in more effort so we can become more a part of the church community this time, then we can't just drift away...

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