Monday, May 25, 2009

Taking a chance

The cottage we are wanting to rent requires a $500 deposit. She hasn't emailed me the contract yet, but I can't help thinking all the risk is on our end. If she had been listed in my favorite vacation rent site VRBO there would be a guarantee of some sort. But I went off elsewhere on the internet when none of the available cottages had the wifi and the dates I wanted.

I found her on a little obscure site called rentalbug - I think she is for real but you never know. Someone could just fish for deposits over the internet...

I asked my dad to go by there and check it out, its about 20 minutes from his house. At first he said he would, but he left a message yesterday saying he didn't want to try, that he was afraid he would get lost.

That made me dad is an old man now. He used to love to drive up around the lakes in that area exploring...I was hoping he would come visit us there and we would have a couple nights with him out by the lake. I guess not...

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