Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Pool pics from last week

We made the news

Our adoption proceedings made the news that day (August 10th!!) but we didn't see it. We watched the wrong channels as we both thought channel 47 or 30 were there but it was on channel 12, only at 5pm. Anyway we heard from other people that it was on, so we sought it out. It wasn't on the stations web site, so we had to order it. You can order any part of a newscast for $40 on a video tape . That comes to about $16 per minute for the 2.5 minute spot, but it was well worth it. We got the tape in the mail finally yesterday and watched it several times already and it brought tears to my eyes each time. It includes several closeups of Jamie (and one of me UGH!) and they mentioned 'the Aikens' and 'children like Jamie'. They showed her with that balloon...she is such a little ham. Sorry I can't post it yet, Tech services, I mean Mike, got it on DVD but hasn't transferred over to a file I can post yet. The reason they had it on TV is that they recently appointed some sort of Child advocate for the State of Florida to help foster kids get adopted and he was in Judge Goodings' courtroom as he is famous for getting kids adopted quickly.

So instead of that video, I will post a slide show of our pool get together last week.

Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Toddler art and more at the Main Library

Well Daddy was sad he missed Toddler Art last week, so we all went to this Saturday morning weekly event this time. Boy did we have fun. Jamie really seems to bloom under the attention of us both at the same time. I guess this is why staying married is so important to a young child's sense of permanance and security. It's too bad there are so many divorces in this country.

Our city has an awesome new library downtown. It's really a bit of a palace - four stories of beautiful high ceilings, murals, sweeping staircases, a fun and colorful children's library and a beautiful courtyard with a fountain. It also has a bookstore, and a Shelby's cafe location which happens to be owned by a friend of ours Steve Hix. Steve used to work at the TU where mom works and his wife teaches at the same school Mike does. It's a good feeling to have a sense of community and to feel proud and excited about our city.

Friday, August 24, 2007

Jamie's 'O Face'

Jamie has been doing this very cute 'O' Face, in combination with a puff of air, usually when she hears a motorcycle or loud truck go by. We got a couple shots, but I don't have a sound clip which really makes it cute. What do you think of the dress with the green skirt? I almost had her wear it for the adoption finalization, but the white one was sweeter. (Don't you think?) I think the green skirt dress will fit next year or maybe for her second birthday.

New word of the week - WOW!

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Getting Daddy's classroom ready

Mike wanted a refrigerator for his room, so on Sunday afternoon we loaded up the van, went to Walmart, got the frig and then to his classroom because school was starting this week. Jamie was all over the place, and managed to find a piece of paper and a pencil and was only too thrilled to sit at a real desk and write something!

POOL party at our house

We had a pool get together Sunday morning. The best time for the kids is after breakfast and before lunch and is also the time there is a bit of shade over the shallow end, not to mention it is under 90 degrees for both the air temperature and the water temperature. As always, Jamie ends up spending more time around the pool than in it. The adults end up being in the pool, while she and Ander are running around, playing in her pool, spraying the hose and otherwise being little monkeys.

Jamie's first Painting Exhibit A

Well you asked for it you got it- here is Jamie's first painting! I am not such a good blogger during the work week. There is so much I want to post, but limited time and energy to do it in.

Sunday, August 19, 2007

Jamie's first Painting

We went to 'Toddler Art' yesterday at the library downtown. It was great. We were sitting at a table with a little boy and his mom and grandmom, and we were given white and blue paint. It turned out quite pretty with shades of turquiose, blue and white, and the little boys grandma said it was her favorite color. I got a lump in my throat and said out loud, "I wish my mom was here too..." Mom (and Fran) she did a grandma proud. It's too bad you two are both so far away.

Another day another recall?

It is getting very scary. So many children’s products are dangerous, now even bibs! I heard an interviewee on TV the other day, probably from some consumer products agency or lobbyist for manufacturers. She was claiming that we are not having any more toy recalls than we usually do. It’s just because they are Fisher Price & Mattel which are such well trusted brands that there is so much media attention to these most recent cases. I found this site which shows the bibs that are recalled, but after reading more about the recall this site just shows the bibs recalled from Babies are us and Toys R Us
(from this url: )
and not the ones that were sold at Walmart. Does Walmart have so much clout it can keep this bad news from the consumer? We have all heard the news, we just need good information on what is safe for our kids. One site says to get a lead test kit from the hardware store and to test each bib with the kit. I guess that is the way to go…either that or throw out all vinyl bibs. I only have 2 of them, and I do like to use them occasionally, so I guess it’s off to the hardware store.

The prior recall on the Mattel toys had a lot of toys involved. We did have one of the toys on the list, but I bought mine (Elmo giggle in the box) from a thrift store and the toys affected were made after May 2007. Mine is circa 2000 so it is safe. Funny that the older toy is safe while the new one is faulty. Being thrifty paid off in this instance! Also when I went online to find out about that toy recall I found her FP happy chair had been recalled, so I got the part that makes that safe. What this taught me is I need to be more informed and search out this information on my own every so often.

Did anyone else have a toy that had been recalled that they recently discovered? Anyone else find the images of bibs recalled from Walmart that they could share?

Saturday, August 18, 2007

Out with the Threes in with the Fours!

Jamie has very petite little feet. She has been in size 3’s since last summer when she was 6 months old, and just in the last 2 weeks the size 3's are all of a sudden too small for her. It will be hard to say goodbye to them, but we have a good many size fours ready for her (12 pair already! Gosh mom how many tennis shoes does she need!) And we even have some size 5’s (on the bed behind the size fours) in the wings including the red glitter ‘Dorothy’ shoes she will wear with her red holiday dresses. Where’s Toto?

Friday, August 17, 2007

At Aunt Patty's & Unka Johns pool

Sunday morning after the party at our house, we did a quick pool get-together at Patty's. Jamie really loves to go in the pool especially at Aunt Patty's & Unka Johns. We have a pool, but she isn't as eager to go into ours, and when we do go in to ours, she would rather get out and run around the edge or go in her baby pool than be in the big pool. I haven't quite figured it out. It could be our pool is about 94 degrees lately and Patty's pool seems more refreshing. It is probably more likely that she likes it over there because there are more people to smile and admire her. She does like the admirers!!
It's been so hot here that afternoon swimming really isn't an option - I wish it would cool down a bit, not that I am ready for summer to end! Mike went back to work (school) this week, so I know the end is near, but I am not ready to let go of summer yet. Luckily here in Florida I will be able to be in the pool most of next month as well. And Jamie really seems to like the cooler water as well. She will pick up the hose while we are filling the pool and spray it all over herself and others and doesn't seem to be bothered by the 68 degree temperatures!! She has a bit of the Michigan girl in her spirit I guess!

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

She found her belly button!

Jamie is amazing. Every day there is something new and cute that she does. Last night as we were bathing her and putting her through her bedtime ritual she found her belly button for the first time. She became fascinated with our belly buttons as well. The three of us laid in our bed and giggled together for an extra half an hour before we read her her story and put her to bed. Well worth it! True family quality time!

The Price of Diapers

I know Jamie is coming to the end of her diapered days, but that doesn’t mean I don’t still watch my pennies when I buy them. And I prefer the best of the best for nighttime for my girl – which I believe are Pampers Cruisers. I remember thinking it odd (Before I was a mommy!) that a girl at work only wanted Pampers Swaddlers for her shower, a diaper is a diaper isn’t it? Well no…it isn’t. I find Luv’s are fine for daytime, but Pampers Cruisers are the best of the best and when you don’t change the diaper for up to 12 hours – Jamie goes to bed at 7pm and gets up at 7am – I want the best of the best next to her skin for that long of a period. Anyway a friend asked me today if Walmart had good prices on Pampers. In my experience ~ no they do not.

Publix has the best prices in town on Pampers every so often – about once per month they do the hugest box for $29.99 instead of $34.99. In size 5 there are 124 diapers so it’s 24 cents per diaper for the best Pampers (not Baby Dry but Cruisers) that exist and that is a bang up price. Buying Luvs at the regular price in Walmart is about the same price. A box of Luvs that has 84 in it is $19.99 or .23 per diaper! At one time Luvs were $16 at Walmart but they raised the price so I stopped buying them there. I was pretty darn excited about getting LUVs at BOGO about a month ago at Target. The mega pack for $10.99 had about 46 or so, and I got two packs for that price! - Only .11 per diaper! I went back and bought the BOGO deal about 6 times during that weekend as it was an internet coupon that I could keep printing and using. I use Luvs during the day and Pampers Cruisers at night. I have enough Luvs to get her through another couple months or so.

Any moms out there getting any better deals than that on diapers?

Saturday, August 11, 2007

She has the keys to our heart!

Jamie is adopted- Minutes after with Judge Gooding!

Yesterday was our long awaited day - finalization of our adoption of Jamie Madison after 15 long months! We are elated as she is in this picture. Today most of our near and dear were here to share our joy in having her as our forever daughter. A good time was had by all. We are so touched and grateful to have so many people in our world who have been praying for this day to arrive! Grandma Fifi and Uncle Bruce are on their way home in the morning after a nearly perfect day of feting this beautiful occasion. Aunt Patty and Unka John hosted the party (which was at our house!) - they brought lots of food, flowers and a beautiful cake that said:

"Faith began this journey... "

Jamie will be sad to see her fans are no longer here in the morning! She was getting accustomed to lots of applause and many eyes on her every move. Mommy and Daddy only? Where is my crowd of admirers!?!