Sunday, August 19, 2007

Another day another recall?

It is getting very scary. So many children’s products are dangerous, now even bibs! I heard an interviewee on TV the other day, probably from some consumer products agency or lobbyist for manufacturers. She was claiming that we are not having any more toy recalls than we usually do. It’s just because they are Fisher Price & Mattel which are such well trusted brands that there is so much media attention to these most recent cases. I found this site which shows the bibs that are recalled, but after reading more about the recall this site just shows the bibs recalled from Babies are us and Toys R Us
(from this url: )
and not the ones that were sold at Walmart. Does Walmart have so much clout it can keep this bad news from the consumer? We have all heard the news, we just need good information on what is safe for our kids. One site says to get a lead test kit from the hardware store and to test each bib with the kit. I guess that is the way to go…either that or throw out all vinyl bibs. I only have 2 of them, and I do like to use them occasionally, so I guess it’s off to the hardware store.

The prior recall on the Mattel toys had a lot of toys involved. We did have one of the toys on the list, but I bought mine (Elmo giggle in the box) from a thrift store and the toys affected were made after May 2007. Mine is circa 2000 so it is safe. Funny that the older toy is safe while the new one is faulty. Being thrifty paid off in this instance! Also when I went online to find out about that toy recall I found her FP happy chair had been recalled, so I got the part that makes that safe. What this taught me is I need to be more informed and search out this information on my own every so often.

Did anyone else have a toy that had been recalled that they recently discovered? Anyone else find the images of bibs recalled from Walmart that they could share?

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