Friday, August 24, 2007

Jamie's 'O Face'

Jamie has been doing this very cute 'O' Face, in combination with a puff of air, usually when she hears a motorcycle or loud truck go by. We got a couple shots, but I don't have a sound clip which really makes it cute. What do you think of the dress with the green skirt? I almost had her wear it for the adoption finalization, but the white one was sweeter. (Don't you think?) I think the green skirt dress will fit next year or maybe for her second birthday.

New word of the week - WOW!


Aunt Patty said...

Is she adorable or what?

Angry Fat Chick said...

Love the green dress, but it makes her look so big. Why can't they be babies for just a little longer.

Ander is now saying 1-2-3-4-5 and ABC and knows many animal sounds and colors. Trees green - grass green! So cute and fun!!

We'll have to do Toddler Art together sometime. Maybe this Saturday? are they having it on the holiday weekend?

Marthavmuffin said...

Yes let's do Toddler art this weekend. Yes they are having it every Sat in Sept. We need to get there early - by 10:15 at least.
That will make a bit of a long day, but they will sleep well after being at the library.

Whats with the new handle? You are the least angry person I know! I hope it's ok to say I dont like your new nickname! How about CindaMella or Anders mom? Or Andersohm?

Jamie is way behind Ander verbally. She added 'puppy' this week to her approximately 25 words she can say, and she kind of sings to 'ABC song and 'Twinkle Twinkle little Star' (Same song)...Of course her lyrics go 'ndlng nodnnf ldlll sr' Her words are such a bunch of goggly guck. A bit like Pebbles on the Flintstones. She thinks she is really telling you something though!

Now where is your blog? :-)

Chris Hunt said...

I think the white seer sucker was most approipriate for the adoption! The beautiful green dress looks like it may have been intended for a wedding. It will be a perfect birthday dress. Actually Jamie looks adorable no matter what she is wearing and no matter what face she is making. Jamie understands many words. Chris

Aunt Patty said...

I think the current length of the green dress is much too long for her. Put a hem in it and it will be wonderful. Chris might have a point though, could be something used for a wedding.

AND, AFC why that handle? Just doesn't suit you

Anonymous said...

Ok, ok - Last year I was going to start a blog about dieting and how I am sick to death of it and it makes me angry and feels like something I have never completed, but I never did anything with the blog. I signed onto google to leave the message and thought it would put my cindajo logon or whatever,and instead that is what it put! Ooopss..other nicknames that have been given are Cinder and Cinna but you guys are the only ones that have ever seen the Angry Fat Chick ;-)

Guess I'll sign this anonymously so it doesn't put it again!!!

Oh, Martha, looks like no Toddler Art this weekend - I was looking at the library website. Maybe because of the holiday weekend?

Bye for now,

Anonymous said...

Oh, I was thinking Saturday was still August, doh!!! If they're having it, we can be there!! My boy may be wild! You should see him at the gym class. Let's just say when it is over he is hot, sweaty,and thirsty ;-)


Anonymous said...

I love hearing Jamie talk! She's so animated! and really tells a story

cinda - again

Marthavmuffin said...

I was going to try to trash that comment but I just can't bring myself to do it Cinda!! It will leave the rest of the comments on this page as irrelevant!? It's actually a bit funny in context. Yeah, dont worry about what the library website says (or doesn't say), they are having issues with their web person. Toddler art is on for every Saturday in September, they assured me last week.

Cinda, why don't you see if google/blogger will let you change your handle. I think it may be possible.

Is the barbeque Saturday or Sunday?