Monday, December 29, 2008

Jamie and Ander on TV with Santa!

Here are a couple of photos from Jamie's TV appearance with Santa.I am trying to get Mike to fix the Video clip so I can post the cute parts of it, instead of the whole thing. I even used my ultimate line "I beg of you!" We will see if it works...

Guess what Jamies' favorite Christmas gift was?

We got her the Kidzone camera and it wasn't cheap. For $60 you get a child's pink camera that has a pretty good view finder on it that allows her to see the photos she has taken immediately, that has some games on it (which we have yet to explore) and most importantly can be dropped repeatedly without damage. I believe these photos were doctored by dad, though I am sure Jamie will enjoy that function when she gets a bit older.

She got plenty of other things including a Dance Cam which she can view herself dancing to songs (we are going to start calling her Narceena!); and a purse that says 'Jamie' on it, lots of puzzles, princess dolls and books as well as a Playdoh Ice Cream maker.

She was on Tv on the local station appearing with Santa on Christmas eve morning. I would love to download a bit of the video but I'm not savvy enough yet. Maybe a picture will suffice...but she stole the show. They were talking to some older kid about all the gifts he wanted and she called attention to the fact that she could see 'Jamie' in the monitors. My little girl sure shines in the limelight!

Monday, December 22, 2008

At last we are getting ready for Christmas!

Between our trip and Mike and I both having Bronchitis (his so bad he had to spend the night in the hospital last week); we really had not had the chance to finish with getting Christmas preparations done. Since we both finished work Friday for the next two weeks we have had some breathing room. We finished decorating the tree over the weekend, bought a little something for Jamies teachers, bought ourselves our Christmas gift (a HD TV! - more about that later!)...AND I did all of the Christmas cards and mailed them out! WHew!

All weekend Jamie was asking to see the Baby Jesus...and you know there just isn't a Christmas special that tells that story accurately. TV & Movie producers take note! Anyway this morning we put up our Nativity set together and Jamie has her baby Jesus, truly the reason for the season. Maybe we will also stop at the Library and look for a good book depicting the Christmas story. Or go buy one. Today we will wrap the teachers presents and get some other decorations out. Tomorrow Jamie will go to school for the morning at least so we can take the Teachers their gifts and also wrap Jamies stuff up. Also today we are going to Comcast to get our new tv hooked up so we can watch some HD!! I am truly a nester, I can't remember the last movie I went to...oh wait it was Enchanted either last Christmas or the one before...Anyway I much prefer being in the comfort of my own home rather than going to a movie...

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Jamie's Christmas Presentation

Omigosh it was so cute! I am upset that I didn't understand what this was going to be so that Mike, my mom and friends didn't come. Next year they will be! They sung Jingle Bells...and then they brought all of the classes out and they sang Feliz Navidad. One little girl cried and then all of them starting crying...(and so was I!)

Jamie saw Santa

We went to see Santa last night and Jamie was kind enough to smile for the camera! When asked what she wanted, the only thing she would say is 'A Candy Cane'.

We followed a couple of teen girls, who both climbed on Santa's lap and went on and on about the Twilight books they wanted and breaking their camera. From what my husband (he teaches high school) there is some kind of trend with kids that age acting less than their age. Has anyone else noticed this trend with teens these days?

Sunday, December 14, 2008

Another Quiet Weekend

We didn't do alot again this weekend as I am still under the weather. I have bronchitis and its exasperated by my asthma. So I am wheezing and coughing alot. I am a bit better since taking antibiotics and a round of steroids, but my Nebulizer is on its last leg and I still need it to be in working order. There isn't a place to get a Nebulizer on the weekend so I will see about it in the morning.

Jamie has enjoyed looking at the pictures and short videos from our trip to Orlando. My mom and I took her to see "A Once Upon a Time" production at our local dinner theatre on Friday. Although the costumes and props were sadly lacking (especially compared to the Disney extravaganzas we saw a couple weeks ago), they had some audience participation and they picked Jamie for part of the straw house for the 3 Little Pigs. She was eager to be picked so it was great that she got the chance to go up on stage.

We also took her for her first haircut after the production and it was quite the girls day out, as we all got our haircut at the same time! A good time was had by all and we all came home and napped til 5pm that night. We woke up to a shocked Mike that we cut Jamie's hair though I had been telling him it was time. It looks so much cuter, now the curls are curly again!

Yesterday we went to the library and there was a huge Mayors Christmas Party out in the plaza in front of the library. So after story and art time we went across the street. Seemed cool at first, they had free Hayrides, facepainting, crafts and a bounce house, but there were incredibily long lines for everything. After waiting for over 45 minutes to get half way through the face painting line we left. Luckily on the way out we got a small face tattoo that said "Joy" in green and red. She didn't know the difference. I will paint her face next weekend maybe.

Today we tried to go to Chik Filet for a bit of lunch and play and remembered that it is closed on Sundays, so we spent some time at the local Mickey Dee's. That Southwest salad isn't too bad.

We also looked at HD TV's. We are thinking of getting a smaller one (26") that we can use in our living room entertainment center until we get our debt paid down and get a larger one for the living room and move the smaller one up to the bedroom. I want to eventually hang the larger one on the fireplace above the mantel, and maybe even close our fireplace off. I hate the mess and don't even really like my fireplace... but that is in the future.

We probably should wait as we are trying to pay off debt, but we usually do something like this rather than buy each other smaller gifts. One big gift for the whole family to enjoy. Instead of dustcatchers...

How was your weekend?

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Orlando was wonderful!

We had a terrific time on our mini vacation. The 2 br condo was very nice, with all the amenities, not bad for $80/night! It was one mile from Universal where this picture was taken and about 20 minutes from Disney. We did both Universal parks the first day and Disney (mostly the Magic Kingdom)the next 2 days. We had long rest periods/naps both Disney days as the Kingdom was open until midnight. We didn't stay til the bitter end, but pretty close. Jamie melted down a few times, but it was a very memorable trip. She loved the roller coasters (mini ones for kids over 36"- she barely made it at 36.5"), and she met Ariel, Cinderella, Belle and Aurora. And I mean met- she got to talk and interact with each one of them. Most of the kids had this commercial autograph books, but we had a small journal we decorated with Princess stickers before we went, and she proudly pointed out each Princess's sticker to them. It was so sweet.

I will post more pictures later, I haven't downloaded them all as of yet. Boy was it ever a good time.

Sunday, November 23, 2008

Having a bad day today

We are really having a rough day, I am not sure if it is the anticipation of going to Disney World or if Jamie is coming down with something - which I am afraid she is, but we are having a heck of a day. Lots of yelling and crying, (from Jamie too!) Mike and I just aren't on the same page sometimes and I need to be able to pull him aside and talk to him without Jamie hearing it as she was picking up on it. I was trying to wash her lovey 'Yaddy' and I had it in the back of my jeans, hoping to get down there and put it in the washer before she saw it. No such luck. Mike was up in the bedroom watching the airing of the Gator game from yesterday that was not televised unless you have pay per view and I was getting so frustrated. I had been up since 6:30am doing laundry and trying to get things in order for our trip. Anyway I yowled for Mike to come down and help with Jamie, and when doing so she saw Waddy behind my back and starting screaming for it. I said no I am washing him now, and then Mike entered into the fray, assuring Jamie he put Waddy to bed. Next thing we know Jamie doesn't want to eat breakfast, she wants to go back to bed...Hmmm she slept in til 9:15 and it was only 10:15, methinks something is up. Yup, she just wanted to get up here to check on Waddy. I lost it. Darnit there just wasn't any cause to lie about Waddy's whereabouts! That's life! Waddy needs to get clean just like us! And of couse there were other things I was stressing about, I just don't think lying is a good parenting practice. Geesh I even told her about Poncho dying and showed her his body! So I need some tips on getting on the same parental page with my husband and her daddy.

Anyway she is down for her nap...hope she isn't coming down with anything. At school Friday my mom and I went to see her in this Thanksgiving thing for lunch. I brought Jamies favorite Macaroni and Beef, and we saw the kids in their Indian costumes with a feathered bands on their heads. Anyway there was a kid sitting right next to Jamie who was coughing and sneezing so hard he puked. Lovely...Just in time for Jamie to get sick before our trip. ARGH!

I am trying to read about 4 guidebooks cover to cover about how best to experience the Disney and Universal parks...there is no way. We are old and not up to walking the parks three days in a row, but Mike wants to try it. I was planning on arriving the first day, with no park visit planned, going to a park the first full day, skipping the next day and touring the other park on the last full day, but Mike has assured me 'he will be fine' to tour the parks all three days. What do you think? We are both out of shape and he has issues with his lower back which affect his ability to walk long distances...wish us the best.

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Downtime btn Events

I meant to post a slide show of the Halloween cuteness followed by the Ander's birthday at Chucky's cuteness, but my internet time has been taken up investigating where we should stay while at Disney. Our experience with Jamie in a hotel room hasn't been that great lately. Not that we have really gone 'anywhere' for over a year, but our power went out for one of the hurricanes once this past summer and our Air Conditioner quit another time. BOth times we opted for a $80 trip to a local hotel. Jamie just doesn't sleep with us very well in the same room. We had the tv off, with just our laptops on and she still wouldn't give it a rest. So, although I booked a room at Disney for 2 of our four days there, I have decided to switch over to a 2 room small condo with Kitchen, pool, and playground. It's not right at the park this is true, so we will give up a bit of time for travel back and forth (twice as we will take her back for a nap- we will see how that will go!) But for $80/night the price can't be beat. I read up on the resort, and it doesn't get the best reviews...kind of middle of the road, with some complaints about wear and tear and poor quality of the continental breakfast. THe pools, inside and out, and the jacuzzi and the playgrounds all sound great but the big benefit is WIFI!! Woohoo! I should get my confirmation tomorrow so I can cancel the Disney resort. Hope this place is on the level.

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Disney World Bound

We are planning a trip to Disney World in the near future, (Don't want to say what day exactly on the internet) Jamie is so into Princess stuff she is just thrilled. She is already asking to dress as Belle one day, Snow White the next and Sleeping Beauty the day after that. I pooh poohed the idea at first, but little girls really dress up as Princesses to go to Disney. They even have a Beauty parlor for kids, called Bippidy boppodi boutique where you can get an updo, makeup, nails and costume in varying packages between $50-190 a shot. I was seriously considering having Jamie's hair done at least,and maybe have her wear one of her Princess dresses, but she can't. She isn't three yet and that is the minimum age. I may do it myself, I will see how I feel when we get closer. We spent a good 30 minutes on You tube the other night showing her Princess videos that looked like people shot with their cameras at Disney.

This will be our first vacation as a family that doesnt involve a family visit. Omigoodness are we ever excited.

Monday, November 10, 2008

Meet 'Waddy'

Jamie has had this green Carters Lovey since we brought her home. Though we referred to it as her 'Lovey' all along, she informed us at about 10 mos old that Waddy was his name, and her other Lovey who is a yellow Care bear is Yaddy. Yaddy is most definitely her substitute lovey though, as we found out when Waddy was missing for
a day or so - there were sure alot of tears. The Waddy rule I have instituted is to keep that from happening again, Waddy isn't allowed downstairs or outside of the house. Aren't I tough?

These two are so cute together!

Jamie has known Ander since we brought her home at four months old. When they were babies there was mild interest in each other but now they truly love each other. Jamie asks about Ander all the time. We recently enjoyed Halloween, ANders birthday, Halloweens Eve at Spooktacular at the zoo as well as a couple of Chick Filets occasions. They really are friends, I hope for a good long time!

Sunday, November 9, 2008

She sure loves her daddy

I know she loves me too, it's just I end up being the disciplinarian more and the one to remember that it's time to turn the movie off, time to get dinner going, time to stop playing etc. Daddy is a bit of a big kid. And I was warned, little girls just have a soft spot for their daddy's. but I have to admit it hurts when she wants comfort from Daddy instead of me.

Tonight her friend ANder and her got a bit rough and she got knocked down. I felt a bit of a perverse satisfaction that she came crying to me. Is that sick or what?

Friday, November 7, 2008

I lost all my widgets

I made a change on my blog to include the blogs I read. (please let me know whether I should add you or take you away if you are or aren't there!). When I did that I lost my map with all my visitor locations, and all the other widgets and stuff I had on here. I am ok losing some of it. Jamie's video reacting to the CBS morning show horns was over a year old, but I miss the Flicker Badge and my tracking widgets. I think I had over 4000 hits so far on my blog, which isnt huge compared to alot of the blogs I read, but I am still sad I lost it.

This week was stressful, they laid off quite a few of our longtime employees at the company I work with. This economy is not being kind to the newspaper business. I worry about my friends and family who are not doing well right now financially. I am trying to keep my chin up and my head down. Just keep doing my job and hoping for an upturn.

We also found out our Doctor who Jamie loves is moving out of state. We visited him yesterday to find out we both have colds, not sinus or ear infections (I had him check me while we were there). We also found out Dr. Cannon is going to Texas which makes us both sad. He has such a good bedside manner, he gets her giggling with his "Gimme five" routine every time. We will miss you Dr. Cannon! I might have to find another Peditrician - we will see how the new doctor works out. Shes a she.

I still need to download my shots photos from last weekend, I am so unmotivated lately. I need to shake myself up somehow. Happy Friday everyone.

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

O O O~!!!

They just announced the Presidency of Obama, and just this second that Florida was one of the many states that made this historic election turn out so well. I just know this is the ticket to get our country back on track!

Saturday, November 1, 2008

Such a Busy Week

We have been go go going for Halloween for the past 2 wks or so but this last 10 days has been crazy! These pictures are from last weekends Costume parade and contest in a small town near us. We were lucky good friends were also interested in going, My friend Chris' grandson won first place for his Whoopie Cushion costume. Her granddaughter Shelby is a favorite of Jamies, she is four and Jamie thinks she is so cool. I will post again with this weekends highlights later. I am bushed.

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

More Halloween Fun

This child just loves to be scared! I hope I am right that she will enjoy Spooktacular at the zoo as we plan to go. We also may do a trick or treat costume parade in one of our small beach communities this weekend and try to do a 'fun' spook house for small kids. There is also an event at a wild Cattery outside of town. So much to choose from. So little time (and energy! from Mommy and Daddy anyway!)

Here she is having us all try on the mask and 'being scared'. My mom the grandma was only too happy to oblige.

The prior post was a test post I did one day showing a friend how easy it was to blog, My hubby was sweet enough to pop on and add his 2 cents worth. He really is a keeper.

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

my sweet girl

Just a pic of me and my girl.

Update: As the husband and father of the beautiful ladies pictured here I am fortunate there is a window available for the whole world to see just how lucky I am.

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Early Halloween Party

We went to our first costume party as a family. It was a riot, Jamie had a blast! The party was a costume themed party where the theme was a real life game of Clue. Mike was Mr. Green so he dressed in green, Jamie was Cinderella so I decided to dress as a witch as Jamie just loves the witch at Walmart. Well I went all out, painted my face green and got a long dress and cape at a thrift store, topped off with a witches hat. While Jamie was napping the afternoon before the party I painted my face (with a mixture of baby powder water and food coloring which was fine til I washed it off, then my face stung for 24 hours!). When Jamie woke up from her nap I went in there with a cackle and she cried! She was scared and cried for at least 3-4 minutes! Then she was almost giddy, "Mommy face is funny" she said over and over again.

Anyway this party was a hoot, they really did it up, the kids (about 15 or so, where roaring around the house looking for clues and everyone dressed up.The hostess was Miss Scarlett and the Host was Sherlock Holmes, there was also Professor Plum, Col. Mustard etc... There was wonderful food, and games and a bounce house (which Jamie loved), a pinata and plenty of party favors, like mini magnifying glasses, mini flashlights,ball paddles, tattoos, and candy. Oh boy was Jamie ever jacked up!

And then she was quite cranky today during the "Oh we are just at home?" let down. I had my mom over tonight though and we lit up all the pumpkins and played Halloween music and had a bit of our own little party.

The party continues this week. I think Halloween is going to be big around here for the next several years.