Monday, May 30, 2011

I Phonified

Ok I resisted for as long as I could. Mike has been hinting about that he would like new phone and I beat him to it.

Ok, gotta get back to it!

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Do they make bitter apple for kids?

My child still sucks her fingers while self soothing at bedtime. Always while holding her Lovey Waddy.
Anyway the dentist said she could develop buck teeth so he recommended this bitter apple stuff.

I can only find the formulation intended for dogs.

Any help out there?

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Meet our new dog Samson!!

These photos are all from 2 months ago, so Samson is bigger. He was about 34 lbs when we got him and is now 47 lbs now. The vet has assured me he will be a 50 lb adult. I am thinking he may have calculated on the low side as Samson is about 7 months old now and will have some more growing to do. Or maybe not. It won't be the end of the world I guess. I really didn't want a large dog. But he is so mellow and great. He is wonderful with the kids. He lets the girls dress him up and bundle him up and just sits through it patiently. He loves to play and loves to rest... My kind of dog. Everyone who meets him comments what a nice dog he is.

He does have a chewing issue. He has chewed the hands and feet off of Jamies Barbies and last night moved on to the baby dolls. I bought some bitter stuff but who wants to pour that stuff on everything.

We use the crate during the day and he sleeps in Jamie's room at night. I didn't want to use the crate but he seems to be ok with it and my house isn't getting destroyed. It also keeps the potty accidents from occurring while we aren't here.

All in all we are pretty happy with him, he is so sweet and loving.

Monday, May 9, 2011

Photos are almost all back!

Mike figured out how I can see around this HUGE firewall Windows apparently installs with Windows 7! SO I can now connect to the External Hard Drive. Now he just needs to transfer the photos from the 'Book' a portable external Hard drive he put them on last month.

Anyway, I haven't had access to any of the recent photos since last fall. That is why I haven't been posting any photos on the blog. I hope he gets me fully connected tonight.

Meanwhile here is a somewhat recent family photo from our neighborhood Christmas party in December.