Sunday, February 24, 2008

Storytime, nope make that thrift store finds

Jamie loves the routine at the library storytime, but is sometimes a little anxious for what is to come. She is shouting 'Owl, owl owl...' during the Jumping with Bobo session. You can see the librarian dutifully trying to ignore her as he continues with the routine. Watch closely as the boy on her right accidently strikes Jamie in his exuberance during the session. Later he lays on the floor and does a little mock temper tantrum- fists pounding, and legs flailing -like he had all this pent up energy he didn't know what to do with or something. Ok I give up. I have tried to upload this video 5-6 times. First it was going into hibernation and knocking me off, then it just wouldnt do it despite changing my settings. Take my word for it the video is cute. Any bloggers out there who can give me some advice I would really appreciate it. I have yet to be able to do this on blogger. The videos posted have been done by Mike. Maybe I should try another computer? Meanwhile check out Jamie and her new pink boots, her princess shirt and saxophone we got from the thrift store this week - $3.50 for the boots and .50 for princess shirt and the horn. She loves all three.

Thursday, February 21, 2008

RIP Corky October 1997-Feb 21, 2008

Corky in his glory

Poncho and Kimba (who passed away in October)

My mom called me at work sobbing this morning. She had just found her beloved boy cat Corky dead under the couch. She is disabled and isn't able to get down on her knees so I am not sure how she got to him. It was horrible... I felt so bad for her. And with her now living on the other side of the state I couldn't come and help her like I did the last time one of her pets passed away. I had to make suggestions and just commisserate with her over the phone. This will be so hard for her. Corky was her constant companion and she loved on him so much. She does have another kitty-Kiwi but Corky was her favorite.

In 1997 she had just lost 2 cats in quick succession and I knew she needed another kitty. I went to my local pet store to get cat food and saw this litter of kittys - 2 all black females, and two males - one tabby and white and a black tuxedo(black and white). The tabby and white looked alot like my moms previous favorite boy Grantlee so I stopped and inquired. It was mothers day weekend, so I found out the lady would be bringing the adoptable kitties back to the store the next day on Sunday, so I brought my mom out there and sure enough she fell hard for him, and I fell for the little tuxedo. So Mom got Corky and I got Poncho. They were 9 months old and were not little kittens, they were pretty much grown they were really adolecents. But that way you could see what their personality would be. I love my Poncho, and she loved her Corky. I thought Poncho would be the first to go of the two as he has a kidney stone and I have been irrigating him with solution 2-3 times per week for the last year and a half and has gotten very thin and languid since Christmas. My poor mom. I feel her pain and know that Poncho's day will be coming all too soon.

Sunday, February 17, 2008

Pet Expo

Today we joined our friends at the Pet Expo - Aunt Patty & Unka John and Uncle Craig, Aunt Cinda and Ander and James. Jamie enjoyed herself, Mike couldn't come as he is still diligently working on his tasks. We saw some cute dogs and cats that need homes. We just can't adopt another pet right now as our kitty Poncho is not doing real well. He has a kidney stone, following in his sister Katie's footsteps. I have to administer fluids subcutaneously (under his skin) three times a week to help him to feel better and he is quite thin. I am preparing myself for his eventual demise. :-(

We didn't get the chance to count anymore birds for the weekend, but following the link below gets to some pretty cool bird watching pages that show how to identify the different types of birds. Out peanut butter pine cone that we made at Tree Hill last month has been picked clean so we bought a couple feeders for the kitchen window last week. The birds are turning their noses up at the new offerings however.

Great backyard bird count

When going to our local nature center yesterday we found out this weekend is the great backyard bird count and we are participating. It is much easier than I thought it would be. I have already submitted 3 lists of different birding periods. Funny thing is I saw more birds during our walk from the library to the van than when we were at the nature center. (Only one cardinal spotted at the nature center, and 3 house sparrows outside the library) If you have 15 minutes and you want to jot down what types of birds you spotted head over to this site and log them in. Help in this national project to see where the birds are.

Saturday, February 16, 2008

Wuv you mommy

The other night we were putting Jamie down for the night, and I asked her to tell Daddy she loved him. 'wuv you daddy' she said! So I asked her to say it to me and she did...'Wuv you mommy' So exciting and on Valentines day too! Today we went to see the goats at our local nature center, and then to the downtown library for Toddler art and story/song time. We are pretty predictible my girl and me. Daddy has been hard at work every night and weekend working on tasks he needs to be fully certified as a teacher, so Jamie and I are on our own for the most part on the weekends. Daddy does join us for meals (usually) but he doesn't accompany us on our jaunts too much anymore. He has to be done with these tasks the end of March. We can't wait to get our Daddy and Hubby back.

Saturday, February 2, 2008

Jamie is a music lover - especially the French Horn!

She was enthralled

After we were ousted

Jamie is so excited on Sunday morning at nine am when CBS Sunday morning show starts. Those french horns just really get her going. (See sidebar for video).
So when one of our symphony members who plays the French Horn put on a free concert at our library auditorium one Sunday afternoon, we woke Jamie up from her nap and took her there. She was mesmerized for the first 20 minutes and then she got a bit restless. Although she didn't yell or cry she said "mommy" a few times, so we whisked her out of there. We sat her at a chair outside the auditorium to get her picture by the sign, and this older usher woman come cluck cluck clucking out and said we had "already disturbed the performance" enough... Hmmm, guess Jamie wasn't welcome to come back. I told the old hen that if you don't encourage the young to listen, then the symphony won't have any fans in 30 years or so and that we would be back again. She responded that they do have childrens concerts...Hmmm guess she really doesn't want us back there. Too bad. I work during the day and that is when they have the children's performances. And besides I want Jamie to be exposed to all different types of culture and music. Today we went before Toddler Art and listened to an Appalachain story teller/poet. Jamie lasted about 20 minutes at that too. Guess that is about her attention span right now. And that is ok.