Saturday, November 10, 2012


This is an annual Halloween tradition for our family and the two families of her 2 besties from Preschool.

 It's an overpriced trip to the zoo, not to see animals but to see and be seen. And get a paltry amount of candy - I think the girls netted about 20 pieces of penny candy each. and it isn't cheap - $30 for a family of three. But my girl shines at night and she loves the dancing and comradery.  The dancing photos are to the song 'Thriller' by Michael Jackson. Apparently she has been YouTubing him and she had all the moves down.

We also do a Christmas outing with them at this place called Winter Wonderland that has fake snow which amazes our Florida born kids and a toboggan run and ice rink.

I am glad we have kept in contact with these two families as the girls have moved on to separate elementary schools. Now they are talking about a Spring Cruise. Not sure we can swing that as a new Realtor really doesn't bring in the big bucks! Let's see what the next few months brings and hope we acn pull it off.