Saturday, February 28, 2009

Crash Landing

My mom blacked out and hit a parked car the other day. She is still in the hospital but she is ok. They are running lots of tests to see why she lost consciousness. The car isn't all right. It was declared totalled by the junk yard and she didn't have collision insurance, so bye bye car. It will probably be her last car too. It's sad for her. I know she is grieving the loss of her independence. I am grieving it too. My dad was kind enough to pay for this car. I don't relish telling him what happened. They have been divorced for over 30 years, I was shocked when he offered to buy her a used car to help out last summer. It was all for naught. Or maybe not...this way she came into car-lessness gradually... or something. I just know it will be harder now for her and for us. Now we will have to pick her up to come over. And take her home late at night. Thank God I have Mike as I don't drive well at night since the laser surgery. *sigh* Getting old sucks...

Anyway I took Jamie to see her on Saturday, and Jamie enjoyed the visit. She had never been to the 'hopsipal' before. And mom enjoyed having her grandbaby there too. She should be out by Tuesday or Wednesday. Thus far the tests have been negative. They tested her heart and her brain. We shall see. Hopefully she will be ok.

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

125 things by five

A good friend of mine (and follower now!) Cinda who also has a 3 year old - Ander, had this on her blog and I had to borrow it. I just love it, and the idea of keeping track and trying to widen her horizons in the next 2 years. Thanks Cinda, maybe we can do some of these things together with our kids.

1. Sit back and listen at a library storytime
2. Go to the zoo

3. Visit a farm
4. Go on a hike
5. Play with kittens or puppies

6. Make a snow-man
7. Blow bubbles
8. Plant seeds and watch them grow
9. Have a pillow fight
10. Jump on a big bed
11. Jump on a trampoline or in a bounce house

12. Hang out in a tent
13. Spend days at the beach
14. Build sandcastles
15. Play with blocks and puzzles
16. Read the classic picture books

17. Read a classic chapter book
18. Check out library books with their own library card
19. Get a passport
20. Carve a pumpkin
21. Love a special doll or stuffed animal
22. Bake cookies and cakes
23. Help plan their own birthday party
24. Go to the circus

25. Go to a museum on a quiet weekday
26. Play hide-and-seek
27. Play a board game
28. Try a sport
29. Learn to swim
30. Be tickled in hysterics
31. Paint and draw as much as desired
32. Have the use of scissors and glue
33. Display artworks and other creations around the house
34. Learn to use a camera
(and keep an album of the results!)
35. Pick flowers
36. Climb a tree
37. Gaze at the moon and stars
38. Toast marshmallows
39. Learn to eat an ice-cream cone
40. Watch a sunset
41. Learn to write their own names
42. Learn their addresses and telephone numbers
43. Learn their parents' full names
44. Set the table
45. Clear the table
46. Learn to say their pleases and thank yous and excuse mes
47. Watch fireworks
48. Go to the ballet or theater or a puppet show

49. Face paint
50. Dress up in costumes at will

51. Learn rhymes and poems and songs by heart
52. Invite friends over to play
53. Get to know grandparents
54. Play with cousins
55. Learn the name of our president
56. Know the name of their town, state and country
57. Listen to music from many different ages and genres
58. Learn the difference between trash and recycling
59. Grow their own vegetables
60. Learn to ride a bike (or try!)
61. Take a road trip
62. Draw a self-portrait
63. Slurp alphabet soup
64. Learn to twirl spaghetti on a fork
65. Pick apples
66. Practice writing letters
67. Practice counting to 100
68. Make up stories
69. Send a letter
70. Receive a letter
71. Ride on a merry-go-round

72. Give away toys and books to less fortunate children
73. Learn the value of coins and bills
74. Keep a piggy bank
75. Try a musical instrument
76. Swing high up into the sky all by themselves
77. Ride on a roller coaster
78. Pick Strawberries
79. Go to an Aquarium
80. Pick Blueberries
81. Go to an Amusement Park
82. Camp
83. Splash in a Puddle
84. Play in the Sprinklers

85. See a manatee
86. Bake cookies for your neighbors
87. Play Putt-Putt Golf
88. Go Bowling
89. Fly a kite
90. Help make pancakes

91. Go to a science museum
92. Go on a water slide
93. Have a "paint your own pottery" afternoon.
94. Throw a Ball
95. Kick a Ball
96. Hit a Ball
97. Fold a paper airplane
98. Jump in leaf piles
99. Build a fort out of blankets
100. Find the US on a map
101. Find home state on a map
102. Recognize 5 types of bugs
103. Recognize 3 types of flowers
104. Name the 4 seasons
105. Explore the properties of water
106. Look through a microscope or magnifying glass
107. Hear the ocean in a shell
108. Button buttons
109. Zip zippers
110. Snap snaps
111. Ties shoes
112. Open a milk carton, juice box, and snacks
113. Make a PB & J sandwich
114. Go on a treasure hunt
115. Pour a bowl of cereal
116. Read 10 words independently- start a, and, the, it, I, we, at, by, me, is
117. Copy text that is written for them
118. Write/dictate, illustrate, and publish a story at restaurant?)
119. Be able to say a few words in a foreign language
120. Name the 12 months in a year
121. Name the seven days of the week in order
122. Learn birthdate
123. Say "Nice to meet you."
124. Shake hands
125. Know where to put a stamp on a letter

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Sunday, February 22, 2009

Weekend fun

Mike and Jamie on their way out on Saturday morning to the library together.

$3 Rose bush from Big Lots that Jamie and I planted this weekend. Pink Hybrid 'Baronne Prevost' Hope it smells and blooms as grand as it's name!

Jamie got a new Necklace for Valentines Day from Grandma Judy

Her new dress with leggings from Grandma Fifi (in her store from Aunt Cinda and Uncle Craig

I just love this shot - she reminds me of Shirley Temple in the Good Ship Lollypop!

I was still not feeling great so Mike took Jamie on Saturday morning while I stayed home and rested. I guess I will have to go back to the Dr. soon if things don't change quickly. I can feel it in my chest again. Darn it.

But we still managed to get in a bit of fun and togetherness. Jamie loved helping me plant the rosebush, hope I can keep it alive for great memories as we cut roses for our table together.

Thursday, February 19, 2009

You are not my friend!

This is Jamie's retort to me recently whenever I am asking something of her she doesn't want to do. I have to admit it did hurt my feelings a bit the first time. But now I answer in a matter of fact tone, that's right, I am your mommy.

She isn't sure what to make of that retort.

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Winter Blues

It seems alot of the bloggers I read are talking about the 'D' word. What is the 'D' word you may ask? Depression. I am home sick today and have thought about it as there is something about inaction that reminds me of Depression. I used to suffer from Depression almost every winter, but since moving to Florids haven't had problems so much. But being sick and having a messy house and a stressful job seems to pull me towards that 'D' word. I think I am feeling better and will be going back to work tomrrow. Activity always helps.

I can't wait for spring.

Monday, February 16, 2009

Valentines Contest

One of my favorite blogs I read features Lisa and her family who are trying to adopt a son from foster care - Just Lisa No Filler. Lisa is having a great Valentines themed contest. Pop over there and check her blog out and enter her contest, she is giving away a movie, some jewelry, a game and other goodies.

While you are there read about her heartbreaking story of their family trying to adopt Baby Adam from foster care. And pray for her family.

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Valentines Day Redux

We didn't celebrate Valentine's Day as a couple on the actual day but we did have our first date in almost 3 years or SD- Since Jamie. We went to see an off broadway play - Oliver! courtesy of my workplace. I gave a few away to customers, but they weren't seated in the same section as we were so were were on our own. It was great except for the meltdown when we left. Even Jamie cried. :-) The play was great though, it was a favorite movie of mine when I was a kid. I remember riding my bike up to the Penn theatre to see it repeatedely.
I think I had a bit of a crush on Mark Lester. Wasnt he cute?:

Anyway our big celebrating was in getting Jamie ready for her class party. I made lucious cupcakes with pink and purple frosting, and we had Valentines Treat bags with Cute stickers of a puppy and a kitten. I put one box of Nerds, a Superball and one plastic animal in each of the bags and let Jamie decorate the bags. I was so excited to see her Valentines when she got home...I asked Mike "Well where are her Valentines?" He said he didn't know. They didn't give him anything. HUH?! Did I maybe go over the top? Maybe none of the other kids did anything? But the teacher sent home a list of names?

Anyway on the day itself, I took Jamie to the Library and let her wear her Minnie Mouse Ballerina dress which she adores but it is too small for her...The tights were so tight she ended up putting big holes in them. See the one hole on her leg? Why don't they make the tights for kids better? I know these were too small but she tears up every pair she wears now. And of course now she prefers them. *SIGH* Anyway here are a few recent photos of Jamie.
Miss Diana gave her a Tinkerbell Fairy outfit and a Tinkerbell Doll for her Birthday.

Daddy and Jamie

Diana's grandson Alex and Jamie in the bath

Tinkerbell outfit from Grandma Fifi

Her store she got from Aunt Cinda and Uncle Craig

Choose your Battles

I heard Joel Osteen this morning and he had a very interesting sermon on Choosing your Battles. He gave examples of Road rage, like just because someone cuts you off in traffic doesn't mean you have to engage in a battle over it. There isn't a payoff to getting involved. Or at work if someone doesn't like you or treats you badly its best to just 'Let it Go' Not all people will like us and we need to just get over it.

He also mentioned that often there is something about our spouse that we are not happy with and may constantly try to change. Like if your spouse always leaves the lights on and you are constanly harping on it, that maybe you need to just let it go...Ten dollars a month worth of electricity is worth having peace in your home. Most of us would like about 20% of our spouse to be different and the grass can often look greener on the other side of the fence, but it still needs to be mowed! No one person can be everything to another person.

Whew! Lots of lessons that I need to work on, in that little 20 minute sermon I listened to this morning! Some of them deal with marriage or coworker/boss relations, but what I really got to thinking about was the Choose the Battles thing with Jamie.

The thing about 'Choosing your battles' with kids is it's often easier to just give in to their desires. Like with clothes. Jamie would prefer to be in dresses and skirts every day. She plays pretty rough on the playground, she often comes home with her knees and bum blackened from rolling around on the playground, so I really prefer to send her in pants and a top. To keep her somewhat appeased I have been putting a skirt on over her stretch pants - so the poor kid looks like a little Madonna! But it avoids a battle every morning.

On the other hand I don't want to raise a brat who thinks it's her way or the highway. And I love to shop at the thrift and consignment shops so I can just go in search of some dresses. (Love that rationalization!) Last week I brought home 3 jumper type dresses:

(Pictured) One of them was a black with red Scotty dogs cordoroy dress with a red top, and I had her try it on. What a meltdown!! I thought this dress was the cutest thing but she will not wear it! Oh and today I tried to put on some Elmo and Zoey Overalls and she said 'THAT is not Cool...That is not a dress'. Sheesh, she loved those overalls last month! She just loves wearing girly girl dresses, here are some shots of her fashioning dresses she does like to wear, none of which are really appropriate for her to wear to school.(Top photo)

At lunch I found a little bottle of chocolate milk from one of those happy meals in the frig. Well I was mixing it with milk as I dont want her drinking straight chocolate milk if I can help it, and she threw a fit. I mean a screaming, yelling,tearful tantrum! She wants what she wants - when she wants it. She got a Time out for her trouble. I know, I am a mean mom I am sure I will be hearing that soon enough. I am already hearing - "You are not my friend", which must be the preschool battle cry at her school.

But in good battle news, Mike has found the magic routine/threat at bedtimes of telling her we will be taking her stuff and then staying firm with it when she acts up and gets up. Just now at nap I told her if she got up again I was going to take her Barbie. And she got up again, so Mike took her Barbie. He told her he would bring it back if she stayed quiet and then didn't do it right away. He said to me "I just broke a promise to her..." I said take it up to her now! So he did. She will see Barbie there when she wakes up and remember. I think it's good that we are showing her consequences of her actions. We just need to be careful of threatening something that we aren't going to follow through with...

What kind of battles do you have with your kids? Is age three a common age to be standing up for what they want so fervently?

Or if you don't have kids can you see how 'Letting it Go could be helpful for Marital Harmony? What kind of techniques have you used to Let go of something that is bothering you about your spouse or anyone else for that matter?

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Bedtime Battles

Well it's been a long couple of weeks of Bedtime Battles. First of all some background- Jamie has been sleeping throught the night from 7-7am from age 8 mos until about a year ago when we changed her bedtime to 8pm. She would rarely wake up and if she did would be easily comforted and go right back to sleep.

Every night since Jamie learned how to open her bedroom door she has been getting up repeatedly with lame excuses about needing to go potty (10 minutues after she just went)or that her diaper was wet etc. Mike was spending every night up in the hall by her door grading papers and putting her back in bed. Some nights she would still be up at 11 and she goes to bed at 8!

Well i have to give Mike the credit for this parenting triumph. One person (thanks Grace) suggested we try a gate, but Mike was too softhearted as Jamie had hysterical fits of tears and screams about it being up. What finally worked is taking her stuff away.

My daughter likes to go to bed with lots of stuff. Right now its a Tinkerbell doll, a superball (also Tinkerbell) a stuffed Siamese Kitten, Waddie, Yaddie, Toddie, and at least one book. She also has a Princess Comforter I recently scored at a thrift store for $6 that has huge pictures of the main 3 princesses on it - and she adores that thing!

Anyway this is what Mike did earlier in the week...When she got up the first time he went in there and put her back and said, if you get up again I am taking the Princess comforter, Tinkerbell and Waddie. Then when she got up again 10 minutes later he did take those things. She cried for a few moments and settled down. After a few moments he brought back her things and told her he would take them and keep them all night.

She got up twice last night and the night before. Tonight she only got up once, so she never even lost her stuff! Score! I am so proud of my husbands patience and my daughters intelligence. I pray the bedtime battles are over.

Saturday, February 7, 2009

Mommy and Jamie's Day of Adventure

Jamie and I went out and about alone today, leaving Mike here to clean and tidy the house. What a deal eh? First we went to the library as we often do on Saturday AM's for Jamie to do Toddler art, then storytime and Mrs Owl theatre...then we were off to the Alpaca festival. But before that she begged to go into the church near where we were parked downtown by the library. Just so happens the Catholic church was having Mass and folks were going in, so I took her to church. I told her before we went in that she had to be REAL QUIET, but she started asking questions after about 10 minutes...(albeit at a whisper) So we left. Is that bad, that we were there just so she could see what it is like? Maybe I will take her to the UU church some Sunday so she can experience that...she went there once when she was a baby but we haven't been back. Now that she isn't napping in the mornings we could try it again...

Then we went to the Alpaca festival which was way out of town. It was pretty cool, she got to pet some of them, almost got kicked by one, got to pin the tail on a paca (just a drawing), got some Alpaca shaped cookies and got an Alpaca painted on her face.

On the same grounds of the equestrian center there was a Indoor community pool. I told her we would 'check it out'...well she was quite upset when we didn't go into the pool There was a private swim meet there so we couldn't have gone swimming even if we did have our suits...I just wanted to see what it was like as it is one of the benefits my taxes pay for. She kicked and cried when we left, then on the way home fell asleep for about five minutes. Which meant no nap when we got home. *sigh* I really needed one too!