Saturday, February 7, 2009

Mommy and Jamie's Day of Adventure

Jamie and I went out and about alone today, leaving Mike here to clean and tidy the house. What a deal eh? First we went to the library as we often do on Saturday AM's for Jamie to do Toddler art, then storytime and Mrs Owl theatre...then we were off to the Alpaca festival. But before that she begged to go into the church near where we were parked downtown by the library. Just so happens the Catholic church was having Mass and folks were going in, so I took her to church. I told her before we went in that she had to be REAL QUIET, but she started asking questions after about 10 minutes...(albeit at a whisper) So we left. Is that bad, that we were there just so she could see what it is like? Maybe I will take her to the UU church some Sunday so she can experience that...she went there once when she was a baby but we haven't been back. Now that she isn't napping in the mornings we could try it again...

Then we went to the Alpaca festival which was way out of town. It was pretty cool, she got to pet some of them, almost got kicked by one, got to pin the tail on a paca (just a drawing), got some Alpaca shaped cookies and got an Alpaca painted on her face.

On the same grounds of the equestrian center there was a Indoor community pool. I told her we would 'check it out'...well she was quite upset when we didn't go into the pool There was a private swim meet there so we couldn't have gone swimming even if we did have our suits...I just wanted to see what it was like as it is one of the benefits my taxes pay for. She kicked and cried when we left, then on the way home fell asleep for about five minutes. Which meant no nap when we got home. *sigh* I really needed one too!


Cinda said...

We went swimming there sometime last year. We stayed in the smaller pool (I think the big was closed for something). I was a good thing - but quite a drive to get there.

findingourdaughter said...

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