Sunday, February 15, 2009

Valentines Day Redux

We didn't celebrate Valentine's Day as a couple on the actual day but we did have our first date in almost 3 years or SD- Since Jamie. We went to see an off broadway play - Oliver! courtesy of my workplace. I gave a few away to customers, but they weren't seated in the same section as we were so were were on our own. It was great except for the meltdown when we left. Even Jamie cried. :-) The play was great though, it was a favorite movie of mine when I was a kid. I remember riding my bike up to the Penn theatre to see it repeatedely.
I think I had a bit of a crush on Mark Lester. Wasnt he cute?:

Anyway our big celebrating was in getting Jamie ready for her class party. I made lucious cupcakes with pink and purple frosting, and we had Valentines Treat bags with Cute stickers of a puppy and a kitten. I put one box of Nerds, a Superball and one plastic animal in each of the bags and let Jamie decorate the bags. I was so excited to see her Valentines when she got home...I asked Mike "Well where are her Valentines?" He said he didn't know. They didn't give him anything. HUH?! Did I maybe go over the top? Maybe none of the other kids did anything? But the teacher sent home a list of names?

Anyway on the day itself, I took Jamie to the Library and let her wear her Minnie Mouse Ballerina dress which she adores but it is too small for her...The tights were so tight she ended up putting big holes in them. See the one hole on her leg? Why don't they make the tights for kids better? I know these were too small but she tears up every pair she wears now. And of course now she prefers them. *SIGH* Anyway here are a few recent photos of Jamie.
Miss Diana gave her a Tinkerbell Fairy outfit and a Tinkerbell Doll for her Birthday.

Daddy and Jamie

Diana's grandson Alex and Jamie in the bath

Tinkerbell outfit from Grandma Fifi

Her store she got from Aunt Cinda and Uncle Craig

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