Sunday, January 20, 2013

Nail fun

I have been playing with nail art a bit. Jamie is rabid about fingernail painting. She had lost her privileges for 2 months (Until she was 7) and now that she is seven she has the privilege back. I did flowers on our nails last weekend. Mine lasted until today, hers lasted  not even one day.

Tonight Jamie went on an overnight visit to her good friend Emily's and Mike went to see Lincoln so I had a delicious night home alone. (Is it wrong to enjoy having the house to myself!?) And since I worked today and yesterday, yes another weekend working both days, but I still love it! I felt I deserved a 'me night'.

Love this design above but I don't have white. So I found this design online of rainbow animal prints.

Worked ok on the left hand (using my right hand to do it) but when doing the right hand it messed up a bit.The above photos is from this site  -

OK this was my first attempt at the rainbow animal print nails. It was fun but they sure aren't perfect. For one thing I need black for the lines and spots but not bad for my first attempt eh?

Monday, January 7, 2013

Realtor Graduate Institute

I am learning how to be a better Realtor. Today I sat all day in class learning and listening to part one of 6 days of the GRI Course. There are three parts to get the designation of GRI and I am one 18th of the way through it. LOL

As a new agent we have to complete 45 hours of post licensing classes the first two years and my first two years will be up this year. I could have just taken the 45 hour class for much less ($130 instead of $380) but it wouldn't have given me any credit towards any of the many designations that are available for Realtors.

Here are a few of the many accreditations available for Realtros today. Yup - Alphabet Soup.
GRI = Graduate of Real Estate Institute 
ABR = Accredited Buyer Representative 
CRS = Certified Residential Specialst 
SRES = Senior Real Estate Specialist
CIPS(Certified International Property Specialist) 

I hope I will be able to get some of these as I feel it does make me look like more of a professional and knowing more helps my confidence level. You have to have confidence to do this job.

If you are a regular reader here tell me what you do to improve yourselves both professionally and personally. It's a new year after all.

Saturday, January 5, 2013

Modern pants don't fit

Ok a little New Years Moaning...

My figure just doesn't fit well in these new pants that are cut low. My hips and butt are slim but I guess it's my tummy which has never been flat and is now beyond that possibility probably forever. I know, I know they call them 'Mommy Jeans' - the ones I feel more comfortable in that come up to your belly button or at least close. These that are cut low often fall off of me unless I cinch them tight with a belt and that's not always comfortable. What's up with that? Disclaimer -This isn't me or my belly...

It did occur to me that I have lost a bit of weight this year and maybe have moved down a size. I went out and tried on several pairs of pants in fourteens instead of sixteens and I loved how the smaller sized jean fit me until I tried to wear a knit top and my 'muffin' roll was too unsightly above the pants....

Christmas was great, but now I want to sleep until 8:30 or nine every day! Me and my family both slept in until 9 today and I had a 10 am appointment and Jamie had gym at the same time. Wish we were of the upper class nobility as in Downton Abbey where we didn't know what a weekend was. Where all days would be long and lanquid and filled with fun and relaxation.

I wish my body didn't feel so old. I use a heating pad every night and get a massage at least every other week. My bones are aching...(I was recently diagnosed with arthritis in my back. Not sure what that means other than - My bones are aching). Losing weight may help both with this issue and the pants not fitting, what do you think?

I wish selling real estate was easier or should I say simpler. I haven't had one 'gimme' deal. Every single one of the six deals that closed and the 12 or so others I wrote that are either in pending or where never accepted has been complicated and learning experiences. I am grateful that I was able to close 6 houses at over a million in production however as many new agents don't get this far. I am hoping to at least double my production and have 12 deals at 2 million for 2013. Today was a small snapshot of the ups and downs of the business. I met a new buyer at a house that her offer was accepted between the holidays this morning for a home inspection. The house was built in the 20s and is charming and lovely (Pictured above). It needs lots of structural work done though, both to shore up the foundation, replace the outer walls as well as some electrical and plumbing to the tune of probably $30,000. She may or may not move forward with this particular home purchase. Leaving the home inspection I met another customer who I just talked to yesterday for the first time who wanted to see one house. She liked it and made an offer today. We  have already countered to their counter offer and are waiting to see if they accept.

Ahhh Real estate. I love this job and nobody ever said it would be easy!!