Sunday, January 20, 2013

Nail fun

I have been playing with nail art a bit. Jamie is rabid about fingernail painting. She had lost her privileges for 2 months (Until she was 7) and now that she is seven she has the privilege back. I did flowers on our nails last weekend. Mine lasted until today, hers lasted  not even one day.

Tonight Jamie went on an overnight visit to her good friend Emily's and Mike went to see Lincoln so I had a delicious night home alone. (Is it wrong to enjoy having the house to myself!?) And since I worked today and yesterday, yes another weekend working both days, but I still love it! I felt I deserved a 'me night'.

Love this design above but I don't have white. So I found this design online of rainbow animal prints.

Worked ok on the left hand (using my right hand to do it) but when doing the right hand it messed up a bit.The above photos is from this site  -

OK this was my first attempt at the rainbow animal print nails. It was fun but they sure aren't perfect. For one thing I need black for the lines and spots but not bad for my first attempt eh?

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Marthavmuffin said...

I found out the reason I couldn't get it as perfect was I didn't have the stamping kit.

Stamping allows you to get a perfect design on top of the nail polish.

It is little metal discs with the designed carved into the metal. You take the nail polish and fill the grooves, and then scrape off hte excess. Then you take a rubber 'Stamper' tool which you press to the design, then the design is transfers onto the nail.

I need to do a new post with my stamped nails soon.