Thursday, May 29, 2014


Well we went on our third cruise in 13 months in March and just before we left I found three buyers their houses that week. And I already had my listing under contract so I had four pendings by the time I got back from Aruba and Curacoa  - WOOHOO.

I did lose 2 or 3 buyers while I was gone. My back up person was a bit overwhelmed but that's how it goes in Real estate. Buyers are not going to wait for their realtor to come back from vacation after all.

One of the customers did get frustrated with not getting helped while I was gone...and I thought I had lost them. Luckily I found JUST the house for them the week I got back - it happened to be in my neighborhood. So I emailed them it and I was right they LOVED it. So I had FIVE in pending at the same time. Wow, what a good run it was....And three of the houses I sold were right here in my neighborhood, and one is the next neighborhood over!

And now I have a couple of deals in pending - 2 short sales and one that just went under contract today that will be in pending soon if the home inspection turns out ok.

So not too bad. And did I mention I also changed offices during all of this?! I moved to a part of town with alot more median level homes. It's called the Hidden Hills office - it's near a Country Club community with the same name but the surrounding neighborhood homes are mostly in the 150=300k range.The office I was in had riverfront homes and a lot of lower level homes so the floor traffic wasn't as good. Plus this office has alot of fun loving peeps in it.

Tonight we had four teams from our office  compete in the Women's council of Realtors Bowl a thon. We all dressed up as Grease Characters - you know the Pink Ladies? Even Jamie and the other kids dressed up.

Crazy times. Good times, but crazy busy.