Saturday, June 1, 2013

RIP Judy Wilhelmi September 1940-May 2013

RIP Mom - you will be missed.

I am still in shock and it's been over 2 weeks. She died in her sleep in her favorite recliner at home.

She just recently stopped coloring her hair, the photo on top was in October, and the one on the bottom was on Mothers Day. I talked her into stopping  as she was constantly battling the grey and I think it looked great either way.

I am so glad we had her over for a wonderful steak dinner on Mothers Day. She seemed fine. She needed a haircut and I was going to take her to get one that week. She died that Wednesday.

She knows she was loved and Jamie brought so much joy to her these last 7 years.

About 2 months ago she told me she didn't think she would live throughout the year. That she was ready. She was tired of being in pain.

I am still crying most days. I finished cleaning her apartment out yesterday. Our garage is crammed full with her stuff.

I miss my Mom.