Monday, November 28, 2011

Tee shirt rug using Hula Hoop

From this site:

This looks so cool! Hoping to try it sometime. This pattern says it works best with boys size large tee shirts with a 33" hoop. So I am guessing that you could use a smaller hoop, say 28 for girls 4t.

Cool idea huh? Love this magazine and thanks Tara for the FB post about this great idea to recycle favored tees.

Thursday, November 3, 2011

Destructive Sleepovers

Jamie has a BFF who when she sleeps over there is always some sort of horrendous mess and most recently destruction has become the norm.

They have learned to be quiet after they are put to bed and to do a real number on her room while we think they are sleeping.

Friday night they went to bed and proceeded to take all her books out, most of her dolls and toys. They also used magic markers on the Hello Kitty bed sheets (they colored in the clouds) and also on furniture and the hand painted waistbasket.

Last time they dumped all her toys out and the Moon Sand all over everything.

On a regular play date last summer they climbed the walls in the bathroom tearing the porcelain double towel bar down off the wall. (Which is of course no longer being sold at Home Depot - I found it on Ebay for $400!)

They love each other so much but I just can't handle this mess and destruction! I had the girls do over an hour cleaning up the room Saturday morning, and Jamie and I still worked for another 2 hours that afternoon to get it back in shape.

I really do love their friendship and both sets of parents enjoy the Adult time when the kiddies are at their friends, but really!