Monday, March 30, 2009

Stress can kill Part 2

My mother is better, they moved her to a step down room today. They aren't sure they are going to go forward with her heart surgery right away, she may be sent home to take care of a Dental Check first. I am trying not to get crazy about it. She had gotten sent home from a rehab center weeks ago after the car accident without getting the 3 days of intraveneous antibiotics as she was supposed to get. So when she was admitted Thursday she still had the infection in her blood. They sent her home without fixing her last time and they are going to do it again?!

We obviously haven't gone on our vacation as we had planned, good thing I didn't firm up the reservations I was considering. We may still go on Wednesday or Thursday for a couple of days.

And no I wasn't fired Friday, it was simply paperwork I needed to sign for a company wide pay downgrade. I did bring it to my boss' attention that his email was alarming. Not sure if that was the right thing to do or not...but that is how I handled it as I was pretty pissed. Yup everyone in my company got a pay decrease. 5-10% depending on your rate of pay. It sucks, but "It is what it is". At least I still have a job, and its a job I like alot and do well at. Newspapers throughout the country are floundering right now, I hope they survive this recession.

And Mike's car didn't need a transmission, just a few parts that they needed to lift the tranny out to install. So $1300+ later...maybe it's just as well we didn't go on a five day get away!

Back to the stress article...I just loved the tips...I am going to try to incorporate them more often, some I knew of, others I never thought of though I have used them most notably #1 -

"Turn up the tunes. Listening to music that has a steady (not frenetic) beat may cause brain waves to keep time and relax you, research from a music symposium at Stanford University in California reports. Load your iPod with a playlist of the songs that make you happiest."

Here are some of the other tips:
Phone a friend.
Break a sweat. (Exercising)
Use a better bulb.
Pamper yourself.
Dine by candlelight.
Snuggle with your sweetie.
Keep a journal.
Anticipate something awesome.
Give someone props.

Here is to all of us incorporating some of these things into our daily lifes to help us cope.

Sunday, March 29, 2009

Stress can kill

OMIGOSH! yes, stress can kill...

I love this article on stress reducing tips. But first let me tell you...

Thursday while Jamie and I were stranded without a car because Mike's vehicle wouldn't go forward I got a call from my mom. She asked for a ride to the Dr. I told her we were stranded without a car, and she said ok, and hung up. I felt bad but just thought she had bronchitus as she often gets, as her voice sounded really rough.

Later on that day her friend called and said mom had been rushed to the hospital and they almost had to put her on Life support. It appears her heart valve gave out. We found out this valve was faulty last month when she got in the accident. It appears that it caused her to black out and hit that car. So we were on the right track to getting it replaced. We went to the heart dr. and had an appt with the heart surgeon coming up. It just didn't last as long as we had hoped I guess.

So she is in CCU (Critical Care) unable to talk above a whisper and on oxygen and a PIC line. I believe the diagnosis is Congenital Heart Failure and since she is in CCU the visiting hours are really odd. Half an hour every other hour. I have been visiting her several times daily and going back and forth to her apartment as well. Thank god she has caring neighbors who actually convinced mom that EMT needed to be called. (She just was asking for a ride to the dr). Also the nice neighbors are feeding the cat. I just need to go by there and scoop the poop every other day or so.

But I also need to do chores for my mom that she has been putting off such as calling about her ticket she got from the accident and following up about her mobile home and take care of her bills, and so on...

Anyway Friday when I was in the middle of all of this fun, I got a succinct email from my boss.

To: Marthavmuffin (not really!)
From: Martha's Boss

You need to see Big Boss before you leave today.

That's it.

What would you think@?@?@@!!!

To be cont.

Thursday, March 26, 2009

We are stranded today

She does love her some frills. Ms Diana bought this dress for her at the thrift shop. Jamie adores it. (Note the capris underneath because it is super short!

One day at the park Jamie was going down the slide...

and then Mommy saw an eagle! We neglected to notice Jamie coming down the slide lickety split and her face went down in the dirt!

Sunset over the dunes on our way home from the grocery store one day. They will be building on those dunes soon, so we need to enjoy it while we can.

Well here are some pictures of when we have been able to go out and about. Mike's car wouldnt drive in forward motion this morning, so he has the van today and I stayed home with Jamie. He was able to get it to go forward in first gear and we got it to the auto repair shop. There was a pool of transmission fluid in the driveway. Oh boy, maybe we will need to skip the vacation. Looks like we will be paying for some car repairs. Hopefully not a complete transmission. I am waiting to hear.

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

We are off next week

Spring break and since Daddy has it off, Mommy took it off too. So should we stay or go? We are talking about going away for a day or two...but do we really want to travel? I am so lanquid lately. I just want to be home with my internet- blogging and gaming...but maybe with no work I could have the energy to play.

But Jamie is so smart. I got off the phone with my girlfriend that lives downstate and she asked "we going to see Diana?" and I told her maybe, so she said 'Trip Mommy? we going on a trip?" I can't put anything over on this girl any more. She remembers the last time we went to see Ms Diana we had to travel. (and we also saw the Princesses but she hasn't put that together yet) So we could stay home...I hope I feel more inspired on Saturday so we can prepare one way or another.

I am just glad spring is here.

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Consignment Sale Proceeds & Progress with Jamie

Jamie is getting better in the mornings. We use the gate, we put it up after she is asleep and so when she wakes she has to call to me for me to get her from her room. I know it sounds like I am imprisoning my daughter, but there were too many times when she would leave her room when I was either downstairs or in the shower and it was just not good. She doesn’t cry anymore either, today she happily called to me. Now she says things like, “Have to be safe, right Mom?”. I just love this girl.

I was also able to dress her in pants 2 days in a row, but no jeans! Even jeans that are much too big just don’t cut it with her. She doesn’t like anything tight around her waist. One day last week I put her in a dress. The teacher said that I should put some bike shorts on her under her dress next time as she kept raising it up over her head all day and showing off her panties. So I have been looking for bike shorts, like Garanimals had last year. Well they don’t seem to have them this year, they changed them to ‘Gauchos’ that are much baggier, and won’t look as cute under dresses. So back to the thrift stores I go looking for Bike shorts! As long as the waist isn’t too tight Jamie is fine with them.

The consignment sale went very well. I took 200 pcs of clothing as well as a trike and two boxes of toys. I sold 142 items – I only had 65 pcs of clothing left, and made almost $250!

When I picked up my leftovers, the lady from the chosen charity was there. Foster Closet is a small organization in our town that just started up a couple of years ago, by a foster mom. I donated a couple of toys and a Boppy Pillow I had and talked with her for a bit. I am glad to see that this consignment sale picked such a good charity to get the leftovers. Many don’t wish to pick up their items so it works out well for everyone.

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

2nd Saturday

Saturday night after the Wizard of Oz festival (and naps all around),we went to something called the 2nd Saturday street festival. Have you heard of them before? It's a type of event that brings families together outside (usually in a neighborhood) to get to know each other and have some fun. It was over near the Five Points area which is an older neighborhood which is experiencing quite a revival lately. They had a lot to do along a city block in front of restaurants, shops and other small businesses.

They had a Fire Breather, a local band called Tropic of Cancer, and some snacks and soda and wine. We went in to one of the shops that was serving stuff and I got a small cup of wine. I suggested Mike get a soda. He refused, I suggested it again, and he refused again. Ten minutes later Jamie was after my cup of wine. I knew this would happen, why couldn’t he have just listened to my suggestion? I usually have an ulterior motive when I make a strong suggestion as this – wth do I have to spell everything out to him? Sometimes it feels like I have two kids! So Jamie got her first very own bottle of Cream soda. We don’t give her soda (or pop) so this was a real treat for her. She still had her face painted from the Wizard of Oz fest and so many people remarked on it and asked where the face painting was being done. I want to practice up on it so I can paint her myself sometimes as a treat. She loves it so much.

Jamie loved the fire dancer/breather and the musical trio Tropic of Cancer- kind of a Lounge type band with a saxophone/keyboards player, guitar and drummer. Jamie swayed and danced along and supped her soda like a big girl. She was so cute the people from Jacksonville Magazine came along and took our family’s photo. (they asked for our names, but not our email or phone number). I asked them to take our photo with our camera while they were at it (which is above). About a month ago the photographer from the Childrens Commission asked if he could photograph Jamie and had me give my email and permission for him to use her in promotional materials. She is quite the cutie who catches peoples eyes. I told Mike I doubt Jacksonville Magazine would be asking to take our photo if we didn’t have Jamie!

Monday, March 16, 2009

Jamie I don't think we are in Florida anymore!

We went to a Wizard of Oz festival on Saturday. Jamie loves Oz, we showed her the movie for the first time a month or so ago, and she can't get enough. I was worried it would be too scary for her, but she likes to be scared (for fun).

We got her face painted with flowers and a rainbow in honor of the occasion.

Also we listened to many renditions of 'Somewhere over the Rainbow'; 'If I Only had a Brain' and 'I am the King of the Jungle' by contestents that were mostly in middle school, but one as young as five. Jamie was mesmerized and tonight while watching Wizard of Oz again, she started singing. I think we have a natural born entertainer on our hands.

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

The gate worked!

Well the gate worked, this morning anyway. In fact if it wasn't for the gate, I would have been late for work as I slept in. I woke to Jamie calling that the gate was locking her in.

Now another blogger that I read Lisa, (aka GreedyGrace) gave me the tip about using the gate when we were trying to keep Jamie in her bed at night, but MIke didn't like the idea of using it as she screamed bloody murder if we put it up when she was still awake at night. But I convinced him that she would be all right, it would keep her safe.

She was a bit upset about it, but got over it quickly. More importantly she was safe. :-)

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Morning Mischief and Meltdowns

I had it so easy when Jamie was younger. Oh the good old days of getting ready before she woke up! Yes to luxurate in the shower, pack the cooler and her breakfast, pour my coffee, dry my hair and do my make up, then wake her up and bring her in to our room to get dressed...

Now it is quite another story. She has been waking up with Mike at 6am or so and wanting to watch the Disney Channel. But that migrated into pretending to watch the Disney Channel until I get into the shower or go down to pack the food. Then it is on to get into stuff...Drink and spill the Robutussen, (I know I shouldn't have left it out!) Smear the Diaper ointment all over her body, get all the blankets out and lay them all over the floor and then today was a doozy.

I thought she would sleep in again as she did yesterday because of the time change. So I was up quite early packing our food coolers and getting my coffee (downstairs) I didn't hear a thing and wasn't aware I should be hurrying. When I came upstairs she was sitting at my vanity with my makeup all over and smeared all over her face, neck and arms. Then during Timeout she screamed and cried like a loon. Then after cleaning her face, while trying to dress her she kicked the crapola out of me.

Well I lost it and spanked her. On the bare butt. This is the third bare butt spanking she has gotten from me in her life, and all three times have been during these lovely morning encounters during the last couple of weeks.

She cried and screamed the rest of the time getting her ready. Of course I was in a hurry, I had a presentation to make at an office across town at 9am. I couldn't diddle around...On teh way to daycare we were both quiet for the first time since the make up moment. I turned back at her with a sad face, my lip quivering a bit...she said "Mommy you make me feel sad". Oh man, way to push my guilt button!

Now I had already gotten a couple of books on emotions at the library last Saturday most notably Jamie Lee Curtis' book, 'Today I Feel Silly, and Other Moods That Make My Day' and Dr. Seuss' 'My Many Colored Days‎'.

Both books made an impression today when we read them back to back before bed. Then we talked a little about anger and how it was so much better when we didn't get mad at each other in the morning.

I think I may try the baby gate...We will put it up tonight before bed to keep her safe. Both from household dangers and Mommy's anger.

What worked for you? this is just a stage right? This too shall pass!? Tell me it will pass!

Saturday, March 7, 2009

Tangled up kitty

I’m sitting here at my mom’s apartment hoping her cat comes out to me at about 10 at night. I have an open dish of wet cat food at my feet, mmmm smells so good. (not!) I got a call today that the cat had gotten her paw caught in her collar and that they couldn’t get close to the cat to get it undone. And yes it is stuck around her paw and neck at the same time. I can’t get close to her either.

My mom is doing better by the way. She was moved to a rehab center yesterday, it looks like they need to clear this infection up in her bloodstream and then they can look into repairing a heart valve. The faulty valve is why she passed out apparently and had the car accident. This repair to her heart valve should allow her to be more mobile and feel better about life and in general. I hope so. I remember when she had the knee replacement surgery about 5 years ago, that was supposed to give her new life and it didn’t help. But let’s think positive, my mom is and so shall I. I hope this will help her have some happier and healthier years. She sure isn’t going to enjoy riding busses the rest of her life. Dang…Either would I.

Back to the cat and the apartment. The neighbor who is feeding mom’s cat was kind enough to call me today and let me know about the cat. So here I sit. When I first booted up my laptop there was a wireless internet connection available – unsecured!! I was so excited, but it didn’t pan out. So I am blogging to word to be cut and pasted back to the blog when I get back to internet. How did we survive without the internet? Why isn’t every place WiFi? It should be and it will very soon. Even the ER the other night had WiFi. But not old people apartment complexes as of yet. I envision speeding down the highway and everywhere being Wifi. I think Portland Oregon is completely Wifi. My main account at work- a large real estate chain, has Wifi at all of their offices, and it is so good you can use it in their parking lots. And of course libraries are Wifi, even McDonalds and Krystals are Wifi now. What is the coolest strangest Wifi location you have ever been in or used?

So I am not sure how long I should sit here. The cat isn’t in danger, she may be a bit uncomfortable at the most. Dang cat bit the crap out of me once when mom stayed with us for a few days. Mom couldn’t get her into her carrier and Mike and I tried. A puncture wound in my hand is what I got for my trouble. My mom had to delay her travel plans back to Tampa for about 8 hours to wait for Kiwi to come out. This cat doesn’t let others mess with her. So here I sit.

My battery is about to wear out – My warranty ended on this laptop 2 months ago of course, and now I need to replace the battery. ALWAYS BUY THE WARRANTY WHEN YOU BUY A LAPTOP! I will give this advice freely. Advice about love and family not given so freely. One friend who shall remain nameless recently told me she got married because of something I said. OMIGOSH! I am not giving that type of advice out if I can help it. I don’t want to be the cause of someone making that kind of decision.

Speaking of decisions, my mom (who never asks for my advice) is now talking about wanting to move to another retirement/subsidized community. The other one is only 2 miles from here but they have a van that shuttles the people around for free. Living here, Mom would have to pay for the Community Bus service for the elderly and disabled that is available. I found out today it offers rides anywhere they need to go from 5am to 11pm every day and trips are as low as $1 each way. Dang, that’s a pretty wide window of time and the rates are reasonable as well. We just may have to look into it for her return to home from our house in the evenings she comes for visits. She had told me she didn’t think they would take her personal places, just Dr visits or church but I clarified that issue. I wonder if maybe she is trying to keep me out of the know. I do know that there is no way she can afford to move even if it is two miles away. But that is really none of my business I guess.