Wednesday, March 25, 2009

We are off next week

Spring break and since Daddy has it off, Mommy took it off too. So should we stay or go? We are talking about going away for a day or two...but do we really want to travel? I am so lanquid lately. I just want to be home with my internet- blogging and gaming...but maybe with no work I could have the energy to play.

But Jamie is so smart. I got off the phone with my girlfriend that lives downstate and she asked "we going to see Diana?" and I told her maybe, so she said 'Trip Mommy? we going on a trip?" I can't put anything over on this girl any more. She remembers the last time we went to see Ms Diana we had to travel. (and we also saw the Princesses but she hasn't put that together yet) So we could stay home...I hope I feel more inspired on Saturday so we can prepare one way or another.

I am just glad spring is here.

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