Saturday, March 7, 2009

Tangled up kitty

I’m sitting here at my mom’s apartment hoping her cat comes out to me at about 10 at night. I have an open dish of wet cat food at my feet, mmmm smells so good. (not!) I got a call today that the cat had gotten her paw caught in her collar and that they couldn’t get close to the cat to get it undone. And yes it is stuck around her paw and neck at the same time. I can’t get close to her either.

My mom is doing better by the way. She was moved to a rehab center yesterday, it looks like they need to clear this infection up in her bloodstream and then they can look into repairing a heart valve. The faulty valve is why she passed out apparently and had the car accident. This repair to her heart valve should allow her to be more mobile and feel better about life and in general. I hope so. I remember when she had the knee replacement surgery about 5 years ago, that was supposed to give her new life and it didn’t help. But let’s think positive, my mom is and so shall I. I hope this will help her have some happier and healthier years. She sure isn’t going to enjoy riding busses the rest of her life. Dang…Either would I.

Back to the cat and the apartment. The neighbor who is feeding mom’s cat was kind enough to call me today and let me know about the cat. So here I sit. When I first booted up my laptop there was a wireless internet connection available – unsecured!! I was so excited, but it didn’t pan out. So I am blogging to word to be cut and pasted back to the blog when I get back to internet. How did we survive without the internet? Why isn’t every place WiFi? It should be and it will very soon. Even the ER the other night had WiFi. But not old people apartment complexes as of yet. I envision speeding down the highway and everywhere being Wifi. I think Portland Oregon is completely Wifi. My main account at work- a large real estate chain, has Wifi at all of their offices, and it is so good you can use it in their parking lots. And of course libraries are Wifi, even McDonalds and Krystals are Wifi now. What is the coolest strangest Wifi location you have ever been in or used?

So I am not sure how long I should sit here. The cat isn’t in danger, she may be a bit uncomfortable at the most. Dang cat bit the crap out of me once when mom stayed with us for a few days. Mom couldn’t get her into her carrier and Mike and I tried. A puncture wound in my hand is what I got for my trouble. My mom had to delay her travel plans back to Tampa for about 8 hours to wait for Kiwi to come out. This cat doesn’t let others mess with her. So here I sit.

My battery is about to wear out – My warranty ended on this laptop 2 months ago of course, and now I need to replace the battery. ALWAYS BUY THE WARRANTY WHEN YOU BUY A LAPTOP! I will give this advice freely. Advice about love and family not given so freely. One friend who shall remain nameless recently told me she got married because of something I said. OMIGOSH! I am not giving that type of advice out if I can help it. I don’t want to be the cause of someone making that kind of decision.

Speaking of decisions, my mom (who never asks for my advice) is now talking about wanting to move to another retirement/subsidized community. The other one is only 2 miles from here but they have a van that shuttles the people around for free. Living here, Mom would have to pay for the Community Bus service for the elderly and disabled that is available. I found out today it offers rides anywhere they need to go from 5am to 11pm every day and trips are as low as $1 each way. Dang, that’s a pretty wide window of time and the rates are reasonable as well. We just may have to look into it for her return to home from our house in the evenings she comes for visits. She had told me she didn’t think they would take her personal places, just Dr visits or church but I clarified that issue. I wonder if maybe she is trying to keep me out of the know. I do know that there is no way she can afford to move even if it is two miles away. But that is really none of my business I guess.

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