Sunday, March 22, 2009

Consignment Sale Proceeds & Progress with Jamie

Jamie is getting better in the mornings. We use the gate, we put it up after she is asleep and so when she wakes she has to call to me for me to get her from her room. I know it sounds like I am imprisoning my daughter, but there were too many times when she would leave her room when I was either downstairs or in the shower and it was just not good. She doesn’t cry anymore either, today she happily called to me. Now she says things like, “Have to be safe, right Mom?”. I just love this girl.

I was also able to dress her in pants 2 days in a row, but no jeans! Even jeans that are much too big just don’t cut it with her. She doesn’t like anything tight around her waist. One day last week I put her in a dress. The teacher said that I should put some bike shorts on her under her dress next time as she kept raising it up over her head all day and showing off her panties. So I have been looking for bike shorts, like Garanimals had last year. Well they don’t seem to have them this year, they changed them to ‘Gauchos’ that are much baggier, and won’t look as cute under dresses. So back to the thrift stores I go looking for Bike shorts! As long as the waist isn’t too tight Jamie is fine with them.

The consignment sale went very well. I took 200 pcs of clothing as well as a trike and two boxes of toys. I sold 142 items – I only had 65 pcs of clothing left, and made almost $250!

When I picked up my leftovers, the lady from the chosen charity was there. Foster Closet is a small organization in our town that just started up a couple of years ago, by a foster mom. I donated a couple of toys and a Boppy Pillow I had and talked with her for a bit. I am glad to see that this consignment sale picked such a good charity to get the leftovers. Many don’t wish to pick up their items so it works out well for everyone.


greedygrace said...

Maybe try Target? They had cotton knit shorts for only $4 the other day... they would be short enough to wear with a dress and still be comfy and not waist-constricting.

Marthavmuffin said...

Oh I tried Target and they dont have the loose elastic like she likes. It needs to be a thin waist band with plenty of give. She tolerates the bike shorts best for some reason. And I just cant find them anywhere this year