Wednesday, March 18, 2009

2nd Saturday

Saturday night after the Wizard of Oz festival (and naps all around),we went to something called the 2nd Saturday street festival. Have you heard of them before? It's a type of event that brings families together outside (usually in a neighborhood) to get to know each other and have some fun. It was over near the Five Points area which is an older neighborhood which is experiencing quite a revival lately. They had a lot to do along a city block in front of restaurants, shops and other small businesses.

They had a Fire Breather, a local band called Tropic of Cancer, and some snacks and soda and wine. We went in to one of the shops that was serving stuff and I got a small cup of wine. I suggested Mike get a soda. He refused, I suggested it again, and he refused again. Ten minutes later Jamie was after my cup of wine. I knew this would happen, why couldn’t he have just listened to my suggestion? I usually have an ulterior motive when I make a strong suggestion as this – wth do I have to spell everything out to him? Sometimes it feels like I have two kids! So Jamie got her first very own bottle of Cream soda. We don’t give her soda (or pop) so this was a real treat for her. She still had her face painted from the Wizard of Oz fest and so many people remarked on it and asked where the face painting was being done. I want to practice up on it so I can paint her myself sometimes as a treat. She loves it so much.

Jamie loved the fire dancer/breather and the musical trio Tropic of Cancer- kind of a Lounge type band with a saxophone/keyboards player, guitar and drummer. Jamie swayed and danced along and supped her soda like a big girl. She was so cute the people from Jacksonville Magazine came along and took our family’s photo. (they asked for our names, but not our email or phone number). I asked them to take our photo with our camera while they were at it (which is above). About a month ago the photographer from the Childrens Commission asked if he could photograph Jamie and had me give my email and permission for him to use her in promotional materials. She is quite the cutie who catches peoples eyes. I told Mike I doubt Jacksonville Magazine would be asking to take our photo if we didn’t have Jamie!

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