Thursday, March 26, 2009

We are stranded today

She does love her some frills. Ms Diana bought this dress for her at the thrift shop. Jamie adores it. (Note the capris underneath because it is super short!

One day at the park Jamie was going down the slide...

and then Mommy saw an eagle! We neglected to notice Jamie coming down the slide lickety split and her face went down in the dirt!

Sunset over the dunes on our way home from the grocery store one day. They will be building on those dunes soon, so we need to enjoy it while we can.

Well here are some pictures of when we have been able to go out and about. Mike's car wouldnt drive in forward motion this morning, so he has the van today and I stayed home with Jamie. He was able to get it to go forward in first gear and we got it to the auto repair shop. There was a pool of transmission fluid in the driveway. Oh boy, maybe we will need to skip the vacation. Looks like we will be paying for some car repairs. Hopefully not a complete transmission. I am waiting to hear.

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