Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Morning Mischief and Meltdowns

I had it so easy when Jamie was younger. Oh the good old days of getting ready before she woke up! Yes to luxurate in the shower, pack the cooler and her breakfast, pour my coffee, dry my hair and do my make up, then wake her up and bring her in to our room to get dressed...

Now it is quite another story. She has been waking up with Mike at 6am or so and wanting to watch the Disney Channel. But that migrated into pretending to watch the Disney Channel until I get into the shower or go down to pack the food. Then it is on to get into stuff...Drink and spill the Robutussen, (I know I shouldn't have left it out!) Smear the Diaper ointment all over her body, get all the blankets out and lay them all over the floor and then today was a doozy.

I thought she would sleep in again as she did yesterday because of the time change. So I was up quite early packing our food coolers and getting my coffee (downstairs) I didn't hear a thing and wasn't aware I should be hurrying. When I came upstairs she was sitting at my vanity with my makeup all over and smeared all over her face, neck and arms. Then during Timeout she screamed and cried like a loon. Then after cleaning her face, while trying to dress her she kicked the crapola out of me.

Well I lost it and spanked her. On the bare butt. This is the third bare butt spanking she has gotten from me in her life, and all three times have been during these lovely morning encounters during the last couple of weeks.

She cried and screamed the rest of the time getting her ready. Of course I was in a hurry, I had a presentation to make at an office across town at 9am. I couldn't diddle around...On teh way to daycare we were both quiet for the first time since the make up moment. I turned back at her with a sad face, my lip quivering a bit...she said "Mommy you make me feel sad". Oh man, way to push my guilt button!

Now I had already gotten a couple of books on emotions at the library last Saturday most notably Jamie Lee Curtis' book, 'Today I Feel Silly, and Other Moods That Make My Day' and Dr. Seuss' 'My Many Colored Days‎'.

Both books made an impression today when we read them back to back before bed. Then we talked a little about anger and how it was so much better when we didn't get mad at each other in the morning.

I think I may try the baby gate...We will put it up tonight before bed to keep her safe. Both from household dangers and Mommy's anger.

What worked for you? this is just a stage right? This too shall pass!? Tell me it will pass!


greedygrace said...

If parenthood was easy, everyone would do it!

My big problem these days is keeping Allie from getting up in the middle of the night. She's been falling asleep pretty well, but almost every night, she's been crawling into bed with us. Shame on me-- half the time I let her stay!

Lauri said...

Hang in there.. been there.

Lauri said...

Hang in there.. been there.

Marthavmuffin said...

Grace you were the one who gave me idea about the gate! It worked out well this morning. See next post

Kris said...

I LOVE both of those books!!! Yes, this will all pass....sometimes even too quickly although when we're in the "thick of it" it doesn't seem that way. ;)