Sunday, September 2, 2012


I sleep with my Ipad. I have always been one to read before going to sleep. Now with my Ipad, I read a digitalized book on it rather than the old fashioned book with covers and paper pages. It's so much more comfortable, it's lit up, don't have to worry about how I hold it to the light etc etc.

So - the other night when I couldn't find my Ipad you can bet I kept looking for it...for more than an hour.
And funny thing was Jamie was still awake while I was looking for it. In fact I went in her room looking for it more than once.

Mike even stopped grading papers to join in on the hunt for at least 10 minutes. I grabbed a regular book and tried to read it...when it occurred to me that it was strange Jamie was still awake at 10pm. I had gone in there twice and she replied that she hadn't seen it.

Also it was strange that Jamie had wanted the door to be left open the last few nights with the hall light left one. We have been putting her to bed with the door closed since she came to us at four months old. All of a sudden hmmmmm....

I went into her room for a third time and she immediately said, "No mom it's not here, I don't have it." She was lying flat on her back and seemed to lean back into the bed harder.

Yup, she was lying on it...Hiding it.

She is being punished with no screen Ipad, Iphone, Computer or tv for a week. Til next Thursday.

I allowed a little tv today, but only what I wanted to watch which was Haley Mills  in Pollyanna and The Parent trap.

She is jonesing for her screen time. (As I know I would)...But it feels like the right punishment for the crime.

I think so anyway...I am just so concerned about the lying and the sneakiness.