Friday, May 10, 2013


Every year we go to O'Leno State park for a weekend retreat with our church. Part of the weekend includes several of us floating down the Ichetucknee River. It's quiet, it's tranquil, it's so lovely...
But this year Mike decided he didn't really enjoy it and wouldn't be joining us.
So Jamie and I went along with the group without him. We also rented two tubes as tubes don't get caught up on the sides and submerged logs as much as the inflatable rafts Mike usually prefers.
Well, so much for tranquility and peace. Someone told Jamie about gators and the possibility of them being there on the banks. (Guess she didn't know they could swim).

She screamed and moaned and cried all the way down the river. "Mommy please, mommy I am freaking out, MOMMY!!! DON"T LET IT TOUCH THE SIDE! Mommy please!?!
Luckily some kayakers going upstream came along and said there was a manatee coming upstream.
It seemed to break the panic spell she was under and the last 20 minutes or so she was calmer.

Next year she stays with Mike at the camp and I go on my serene float with the group.

Saturday, May 4, 2013

This Real Estate Market is HOT HOT HOT!

I love what I do so much! This is my new listing that just went on the market Tuesday and already has 2 offers on it. We should have an agreed upon contract in hand this weekend when the seller decides which to go ahead with. I can't reveal what it sold for until it closes.

Let me just say if you have a house that you would like to sell "NOW IS THE TIME!!!" Let me make this very clear!! There are tons of buyers out there and not much in the way of inventory. 4 years ago, the MLS in my market - NE Florida had over 15,000 house, now there are only just over 7000.

More stats: Last year first quarter Average Sales Price - $140,554, This year Average Sale price $154,862.

So what is happening is a house will come on the market and if it's priced fairly there will be multiple offers the first week. (Especially with houses under $150,000). I have two couples who have been searching for months. One of them has made offers on 4 houses. One of them was a Short sale which turned out needed a roof, New AC and lots of repairs from Wood rot. The others were all multiple offer situations in which they missed out due to higher and better offers. And still they have no house.

The other couple wants a lot for not enough $$. If you want certain things in your new home you cannot be picky about location. Or if you are picky about location you will have to give up things like 'Open Floor Plan" "Granite countertops, and new cupboards" "at least 1500 sf" "2 car garage" etc.

Something will have to give and yes you may have 'to settle' for some things missing in your first house.

But most of all you have to move fast and be decisive in this HOT HOT HOT market today!

What that means to a Realtor is I have to be ready to show my buyers a house every day. If you snooze you lose!

If you have a house to sell or would like to buy please get with me. Even if you aren't in my market area - which is most of Northeast Florida, I can refer you to an agent in our national network "The Leading Real Estate Companies of the World" They will get you with an agent who is best suited for your buying or selling needs. And it will help me as well. Gold Stars are what makes a good agent. Help me help you!