Tuesday, November 24, 2009

The ABC's of Me!

I love a good meme once in a while...please post yours as well or link to yours in the comments.

A – ADVOCATE FOR: Health care for all Americans. It's just the right thing to do.
B – BEST FEATURE: My mind...although sometimes I feel like I'm wasting it on Farmville!
C – COULD DO WITHOUT: My thick waist (or lack of a waistline) stress, so much debt
D – DREAMS & DESIRES: Getting out of debt. Having the money to fix up our house or move back to the beach or both.
E – ESSENTIAL ITEMS: My family, laptop, internet.
F – FAVORITE PAST TIME: The internet, blogging, and facebook and games. I also love TV. Infact I like all three at the same time...every damn night!
G – GOOD AT: I’m a good cook, and a heck of an eater too...guess they go hand in hand, I also am a fast reader, pretty good swimmer,
H – HAVE NEVER TRIED: To jump from an airplane or hangglide
I – IF I HAD A MILLION DOLLARS: Pay off debt, buy a house, buy my mom a house, go on a nice vacation - every couple months

J – JUNKIE FOR: DQ Blizzards
K – KINDRED SPIRIT: My husband


M – MEMORABLE MOMENT: Getting Married; getting Jamie
N – NEVER AGAIN WILL I: Try to ski

O – OCCASIONAL INDULGENCE: LOVE LOVE splurging on a great restaurant.
P – PROFESSION: Mom, wife, sales rep
Q – QUOTE: "Life is good”

S – SORRY ABOUT: getting fat
T -THINGS THAT ARE WORRYING YOU RIGHT NOW: My job - its so stressful I’m also worried about money and debt, but that isn’t exactly new.
V – VERY SCARED OF: Getting in too deep debt/losing house job etc...

W – WORST HABITS: Being a crappy housekeeper
Y – YUMMIEST DESSERT: Pecan Cluster Blizzard wtih no CaRAMEL
Z – ZODIAC SIGN: Libra, supposed to be evenly balanced. Not so sure about that sometimes...

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Church Pals

Jamie and Emmie at a ball game
Megan, Jamie and Macayla

Jamie and part of her 'posse' at the back of the church before the words to the kids. Olivia, Megan, Jamie, Macayla, (their dad Dave in back) and Melony
Luis and his family at the church beach expedition

We started going to church again this past June as per Jamie's repeated requests. Now we are really enjoying getting to know a church family. Jamie has a 'posse' 6 -10 kids between 3-5 that rip and roar up and around the grounds during the coffee fellowship after the service.

We have gotten to know Emmie and her mom as we do alot of play dates away from the church, but have also joined church folks on a trip to the beach.
This is one of the things I think we add fond memories and a sense of connection to my girls childhood.
As we have only my mom here in the area in the way of relatives we really need to build this sort of network up. We arent great at it. Mike and I have found ourselves to have become huge homebodies, which surprises us as we were both big nightowls and party animals in our younger years.
Life is good.

Friday, November 20, 2009

Feel like traveling again (or do I just need a break?)

Tonight we looked through our new issue of Disney's Family Fun magazine and there was 6 page brochure inserted into the middle of the magazine about Disney Cruise Lines. They have a Huge water slide that goes up 4 levels and you go down a see through tube that twists and turns you right off the side of the ship!

This sounded so impossible I had to go get this photo to show you! Anyway...from looking at that magazine as a family to opening my email a half hour later to find Disney offers and an offer from our favorite $80/night Orlando 2 br condo got me thinking...Wouldn't it be fun to spend Christmas at Disney?
Mentioning it to Mike he was all for it, then he said..."we really need to get to N Carolina so Jamie can see her grandma."

I'm ashamed to say I said "Ok you are right, forget about the fun, let's go there"
I yelled at my boss today too.
Hasn't been my best day.

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Fun with balls, dinosaurs and corn

I know I need to download photos and learn the new program I just installed on one of the laptops Pazilla? or something like that.
In the meantime here are some fun photos: Jamie at the Dinosaur exhibit recently at our local Childrens Science Museum. Did you know there is a National coalition of Science Museums? If you buy the annual membership it entitles you to get in free at most of the others and at a reduced rate for the special events.

We ended up buying ours while on Vacation in Michigan, so we paid $80 to get our family into the one in Ann Arbor, then got in free in Detroit, and Durham NC as well. Then we returned home and we get in free here until next June. Pretty good deal, the only thing I would change is to buy the annual pass in my home town next time to support the local guys.
Other photos above include Jamie at ball play at her 'dance' class (really called Rythmic Movement) and Jamie's BFF Emmie at Amaizing Acres with us. It was right after we took the family shots and we didn't want her feeling left out. She is such a cutie!

Monday, November 2, 2009

End of summer photos

So since I can't post the recent photos I thought I would go through and find some that were cute and somewhat recent. My mom's birthday was recent and Jamie 'helped' me to make the cake, and got to lick beaters for the first time. As you can see she is a natural.
I did my mom's birthday up this year, invited her friend (and kept it a surprise) and made steak, Crab legs and Chocolate cake for dessert. Jamie picked out a balloon for her (and for herself) and Mom was really pleased and touched.
My birthday was just a couple of weeks ago. I told Mike, lets not celebrate on the actual day, (which was a Thursday) let's instead do it up on Saturday - as we had plans to go to Amaizing acres...Anyway, my mom did make a cake and called Mike up to bring her over on my actual birthday...so next year I will have to clue her in.

I am just not in the birthday mood on a workday for some reason.
Work is really stressful. I am always afraid to say more than that. I have heard horror stories of folks getting in trouble with what they say on their blogs about their jobs.

And the first photo is one of Jamie and her new BFF Emmie. These two are so happy with each other! We are so blessed to have found Emmie and her mom Steph. We had originally met them at our local library where we have been going with Jamie since she was a baby. The girls clicked so well, I gave Emmie's mom Stephanie my blog info and we talked about maybe getting together. A week later she was at our church!! We had just started back and they were newcomers. A happy cooincidence - both Stefanie and Emmie are alot of fun to be around and we get together a couple times per week.

I have to keep my spirited girl full of fun activities to keep her on the right track. It helps so much.

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Halloween is a month long now!

Is it just because I am a mommy of a little kid now or did Halloween suddenly morph into a 'season' instead of a day? We have been all Halloween all the time around here lately. Today was the culminating event of course. It was so hot here today we opted for 2 grocery store trick or treat before heading out to the streets.

A good time was had by all, now I am sure Jamie will want to wear a costume tomorrow as well, when we go to church. Sorry no photos yet, I am photo download challenged lately as the softwear isnt working anymore. Might be time to invest in some that would allow me to actually view the photos easily before trying to blog with them.

Oh and I am getting where I detest football. (Am I the only one?)