Sunday, November 22, 2009

Church Pals

Jamie and Emmie at a ball game
Megan, Jamie and Macayla

Jamie and part of her 'posse' at the back of the church before the words to the kids. Olivia, Megan, Jamie, Macayla, (their dad Dave in back) and Melony
Luis and his family at the church beach expedition

We started going to church again this past June as per Jamie's repeated requests. Now we are really enjoying getting to know a church family. Jamie has a 'posse' 6 -10 kids between 3-5 that rip and roar up and around the grounds during the coffee fellowship after the service.

We have gotten to know Emmie and her mom as we do alot of play dates away from the church, but have also joined church folks on a trip to the beach.
This is one of the things I think we add fond memories and a sense of connection to my girls childhood.
As we have only my mom here in the area in the way of relatives we really need to build this sort of network up. We arent great at it. Mike and I have found ourselves to have become huge homebodies, which surprises us as we were both big nightowls and party animals in our younger years.
Life is good.

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