Sunday, November 1, 2009

Halloween is a month long now!

Is it just because I am a mommy of a little kid now or did Halloween suddenly morph into a 'season' instead of a day? We have been all Halloween all the time around here lately. Today was the culminating event of course. It was so hot here today we opted for 2 grocery store trick or treat before heading out to the streets.

A good time was had by all, now I am sure Jamie will want to wear a costume tomorrow as well, when we go to church. Sorry no photos yet, I am photo download challenged lately as the softwear isnt working anymore. Might be time to invest in some that would allow me to actually view the photos easily before trying to blog with them.

Oh and I am getting where I detest football. (Am I the only one?)


Cinda said...

Do you have Picasa? It's a free download from Google. That's what we've used for a long time and really like it.

Lauri said...

that is so true and we usually have two costumes per season... purchased at the discount thrift stores... but still

we usually go to five dress up events in the month of october.

Can't wait to see your pics

Marthavmuffin said...

Thanks Cinda, I will look into Picassa, but I also dont seem to be able to understand the best way to download the photos from this camera.

And Lauri, me too, all costumes were bought at consignment sales or thrift stores. My favorite was new in the package for $8 I believe. (It was the Spider Princess- so cute with an orange Tulle skirt!)