Monday, November 2, 2009

End of summer photos

So since I can't post the recent photos I thought I would go through and find some that were cute and somewhat recent. My mom's birthday was recent and Jamie 'helped' me to make the cake, and got to lick beaters for the first time. As you can see she is a natural.
I did my mom's birthday up this year, invited her friend (and kept it a surprise) and made steak, Crab legs and Chocolate cake for dessert. Jamie picked out a balloon for her (and for herself) and Mom was really pleased and touched.
My birthday was just a couple of weeks ago. I told Mike, lets not celebrate on the actual day, (which was a Thursday) let's instead do it up on Saturday - as we had plans to go to Amaizing acres...Anyway, my mom did make a cake and called Mike up to bring her over on my actual next year I will have to clue her in.

I am just not in the birthday mood on a workday for some reason.
Work is really stressful. I am always afraid to say more than that. I have heard horror stories of folks getting in trouble with what they say on their blogs about their jobs.

And the first photo is one of Jamie and her new BFF Emmie. These two are so happy with each other! We are so blessed to have found Emmie and her mom Steph. We had originally met them at our local library where we have been going with Jamie since she was a baby. The girls clicked so well, I gave Emmie's mom Stephanie my blog info and we talked about maybe getting together. A week later she was at our church!! We had just started back and they were newcomers. A happy cooincidence - both Stefanie and Emmie are alot of fun to be around and we get together a couple times per week.

I have to keep my spirited girl full of fun activities to keep her on the right track. It helps so much.

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