Friday, November 20, 2009

Feel like traveling again (or do I just need a break?)

Tonight we looked through our new issue of Disney's Family Fun magazine and there was 6 page brochure inserted into the middle of the magazine about Disney Cruise Lines. They have a Huge water slide that goes up 4 levels and you go down a see through tube that twists and turns you right off the side of the ship!

This sounded so impossible I had to go get this photo to show you! Anyway...from looking at that magazine as a family to opening my email a half hour later to find Disney offers and an offer from our favorite $80/night Orlando 2 br condo got me thinking...Wouldn't it be fun to spend Christmas at Disney?
Mentioning it to Mike he was all for it, then he said..."we really need to get to N Carolina so Jamie can see her grandma."

I'm ashamed to say I said "Ok you are right, forget about the fun, let's go there"
I yelled at my boss today too.
Hasn't been my best day.


Cinda said...

We're taking a mini break and going Dec 14, 15, 16. Want to join?

Marthavmuffin said...

You know, we just may do that!

I have the week off after Christmas and we could go to North Carolina then...I would just need to take that MOnday off and I have a few more days left to take.