Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Computer Problems

Sorry I haven't been blogging, I have burned through 2 of the four laptops we have in the last couple of weeks. And my baby Toshiba (original laptop with a 13" screen) has started acting up too.

We are waiting for a replacement for the new cheap one we bought and the other one to come back from repair from the Geek Squad...

Chik Fil A tonight with friends and at trip at long last to the scary monster store for Jamie to see her hearts desire...that girl just loves Halloween! There wasnt too much crying or screaming for what she wanted...which was a Princess Candy Bucket, A Batty Fairy Princess costume and of all things a little Geisha girl costume.

Can you believe all the Halloween stores this year? They are springing up like Fireworks stores in the summertime....

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Mish Mash

  • Jamie's new teacher seems better, Jamie napped today, the first nap at school in weeks!
  • My new boss started yesterday, she seems nice
  • Mike is still exhausted and stretched thin
  • Swimming weather will be coming to an end here soon, down into the low 60s tonite, maybe even 50's!
  • Dog Day at the Arbortorium is Saturday, I think we are going (Gator Bye week)
  • Gator bye week means I have my husband all weekend!
  • I have lost 8 lbs since the beginning of August
  • We have lost 2 of our four laptops in the last 2 weeks =the new one got sent back for a replacement and the older Toshiba needs a new motherboard (thank god for warranties)

Saturday, September 26, 2009

Jamie's New Teacher

When Jamie's school moved into the new building about 3 weeks ago she got a new teacher who was hired to take on the almost fours and newly fours. This women couldn't get my child to nap. And when I spoke to her about it she would get all agitated. I mean I could tell that my child agitated her.

Every morning I would try to speak to her...she was always sweeping! no warm greeting for my girl who would always run to her...And she was so frustrated, not just with Jamie but with most of her kids in that class who wouldnt nap.

I made several suggestions...why not nap them a little later - she would try to put them down at noon and there aint no way my child ever sleeps that early...Finally after about 2 wks of no napping for my girl I said something to the director - that I felt the new teacher didn't have the right personna to handle my child. THat I think Jamie is feeding off the agitation...

Friday was the new teachers last day...I hope I didn't get her fired, but am also hopeful for a better teacher for my Jamie.

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Getting ready for consignment sale! & The Gator's Debacle

I woke up at 6am straight up thinking omigosh I am not ready for the consignment sale next weekend! Rather than taking and posting new photos of this years preparationk, here is a link to the post with photos I took last September. My living room is basically in the same state, but with size 24 mos instead of 18 mos.

Since I have a scheduled Tuesday drop off I really only have today and tomorrow night to finish the preparations- I know I am such a procrastinator!

Since this is a biannual event in our household, Mike knows the drill - in lieu of actually helping me with the sorting, hanging, tagging, ironing etc, he gets full time care of Jamie including meals and dressing.

After yesterday's Gator game debacle it's good for Mike to be with Jamie hands-on today. Debacle? You may say "how could it be a debacle, didn't they win the game against Tennessee?"

Well yes, although they won, they apparently didn't win by enough for my hard to please Gator. He expected much more from Teebow and crew and was in a major snit for the rest of the the point he barely spoke to me or Jamie.

Arrghh, how much longer is Football Season?!

Friday, September 18, 2009

I am going to lose this weight!~

There I said it. Now I have to follow through. I am doing something I cant really remember ever doing. Counting calories. I know I know, it sounds like drudgery, but there is a really cool website called and it has this Daily Plate feature. It allows you to plug in your food and keep track of your calories. Once you plug it in once it's there on your sidebar so it's easy to just click on your regular foods.

I lost over 25 lbs back in 2005 before we get Jamie so I know I can do this. Back then I didn't even count calories I just exercised...alot. (And stayed off Ice Cream) This time I am doing the opposite - except for the Ice Cream which I am still staying off.
Maybe I can reach the nirvana state of weight loss and do both someday - look how fast the weight peeled off me when I was rowing on the rowing machine 3 or more times per week!
I just don't seem to have the energy, time or motivation for working out yet, so for now I am just counting.
I have lost 3 lbs in 2 weeks. 34 lbs to go to my ideal weight.

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Life sure is busy right now!

I can't believe I haven't posted for almost 2 weeks! Life just keeps getting more and more complicated.

I went from having a 'house husband' over the summer to feeling like a 'teacher widow'. Mike's school recieved an 'F' rating based on the state test scores, so now there is hell to pay. And he is paying it, or should I say our family is paying.

He had to jump through alot of elaborate hoops in setting up his room and his lesson plans. Both District and the state has been at his school this week and while randomly choosing classrooms, both picked his to observe and intricately check everything in his room (while class is going on) for compliance.

He is up most nights until after 1am working on his stuff, and then off to school at 5:45 or so; and then not home til 5:45 pm. at this rate of work he is probably making about $5-6 dollars per hour.

I worry about his health = his stamina seems to be failing.

So I guess saying that I shouldnt whine that I am doing most of the childcare, shopping, cleaning, dishes laundry etc...Not that I am keeping track or anything!

I can't wait for Christmas Vacation! Mike will be off, not me, but I will get my house husband back!

Monday, September 7, 2009

She appears to be a natural!

Her first dance class was Saturday morning, just a very small class with onlyl two other little girls, both 3 years old as well. She did so well! She was so focused and listened and pretty much did what was asked. She is already asking to go to dance class again.

Thursday, September 3, 2009

She wants to dance

"Mommy look at my practice!" says my Jamie as she twirls to the Kate n Ashley ballerina video.

She just loves ballet type dance so we are going to enroll her I think. One of the local outfits had "Rythmic movement" whch is 45 minutes on Saturday mornings. She has to wear footless tights and a tunic, no shoes. They do a bit of musical movement and acro or tumbling. Its a couple of miles away, and the facility doesnt' have a/c. (wonder if it has heat?) It is $45/MO plus a registration fee and she will eventually need a Black leotard (i have 3 pink ones!) and pink footless tights which are about $15 each. They will waive the registration if I buy an item from a local dance shop...

Then there is another class I just found out about, its at her school on Tuesday ams so I wouldnt have to transport her or get to see her in motion. It is the same rate but no waiving of the registration fee. Also no dress code, so a bit of a wash in that regard. But this class focuses on Dance. We would also have to buy ballet shoes...

I am thinking of doing both the first month and seeing which one she likes best or which one works out the best for two very busy and exhausted parents.