Thursday, September 3, 2009

She wants to dance

"Mommy look at my practice!" says my Jamie as she twirls to the Kate n Ashley ballerina video.

She just loves ballet type dance so we are going to enroll her I think. One of the local outfits had "Rythmic movement" whch is 45 minutes on Saturday mornings. She has to wear footless tights and a tunic, no shoes. They do a bit of musical movement and acro or tumbling. Its a couple of miles away, and the facility doesnt' have a/c. (wonder if it has heat?) It is $45/MO plus a registration fee and she will eventually need a Black leotard (i have 3 pink ones!) and pink footless tights which are about $15 each. They will waive the registration if I buy an item from a local dance shop...

Then there is another class I just found out about, its at her school on Tuesday ams so I wouldnt have to transport her or get to see her in motion. It is the same rate but no waiving of the registration fee. Also no dress code, so a bit of a wash in that regard. But this class focuses on Dance. We would also have to buy ballet shoes...

I am thinking of doing both the first month and seeing which one she likes best or which one works out the best for two very busy and exhausted parents.

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