Thursday, September 17, 2009

Life sure is busy right now!

I can't believe I haven't posted for almost 2 weeks! Life just keeps getting more and more complicated.

I went from having a 'house husband' over the summer to feeling like a 'teacher widow'. Mike's school recieved an 'F' rating based on the state test scores, so now there is hell to pay. And he is paying it, or should I say our family is paying.

He had to jump through alot of elaborate hoops in setting up his room and his lesson plans. Both District and the state has been at his school this week and while randomly choosing classrooms, both picked his to observe and intricately check everything in his room (while class is going on) for compliance.

He is up most nights until after 1am working on his stuff, and then off to school at 5:45 or so; and then not home til 5:45 pm. at this rate of work he is probably making about $5-6 dollars per hour.

I worry about his health = his stamina seems to be failing.

So I guess saying that I shouldnt whine that I am doing most of the childcare, shopping, cleaning, dishes laundry etc...Not that I am keeping track or anything!

I can't wait for Christmas Vacation! Mike will be off, not me, but I will get my house husband back!

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