Sunday, September 20, 2009

Getting ready for consignment sale! & The Gator's Debacle

I woke up at 6am straight up thinking omigosh I am not ready for the consignment sale next weekend! Rather than taking and posting new photos of this years preparationk, here is a link to the post with photos I took last September. My living room is basically in the same state, but with size 24 mos instead of 18 mos.

Since I have a scheduled Tuesday drop off I really only have today and tomorrow night to finish the preparations- I know I am such a procrastinator!

Since this is a biannual event in our household, Mike knows the drill - in lieu of actually helping me with the sorting, hanging, tagging, ironing etc, he gets full time care of Jamie including meals and dressing.

After yesterday's Gator game debacle it's good for Mike to be with Jamie hands-on today. Debacle? You may say "how could it be a debacle, didn't they win the game against Tennessee?"

Well yes, although they won, they apparently didn't win by enough for my hard to please Gator. He expected much more from Teebow and crew and was in a major snit for the rest of the the point he barely spoke to me or Jamie.

Arrghh, how much longer is Football Season?!


Cinda said...

Crazy stuff here too - I'm actually trying to do a major clean of each room to rid it of toys that are no longer played with. Ander has been surprisingly cooperative with getting rid of stuff.

Marthavmuffin said...

I haven't even gone there, even though I know she has tons of stuff that needs to go...Next time.

fuzzandfuzzlet said...

lurking from Laurie`s site.

In his defense. In college football beating the spread is very important when it comes to the march to a National Title. Points are everything.

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