Monday, September 7, 2009

She appears to be a natural!

Her first dance class was Saturday morning, just a very small class with onlyl two other little girls, both 3 years old as well. She did so well! She was so focused and listened and pretty much did what was asked. She is already asking to go to dance class again.


Michelle Smiles said...

So cute! Sabrina's class has 6 and I think the teacher is a saint!

Patty said...

The making of a Prima Ballerina ! ! ! Next thing she'll need is the "ballerina bun" and she's ready for the big stage ! ! !

anymommy said...

What a sweetheart. I always love how they look in their little pink tutus.

Marthavmuffin said...

Can you believe it, they require that the girls wear black leotards and pink tights (footless if possible) I too love the look of the pink leotard.

And no Patti, this school doesn't require the ballerina bun. Check Michelle's blog (you can click through on her name) to see a 3 yr old class that does. (and check out her blog while you are there - she is one of my old time faves!)

Thanks Anymommy, I just found your blog recently I think through a guy's blog whose wife just had their baby(darn it I dont seem to remember the name or have it bookmarked anymore!)
Anyway, I have yours bookmarked now, I just love your blog so much. I am so happy you visited mine!