Saturday, September 26, 2009

Jamie's New Teacher

When Jamie's school moved into the new building about 3 weeks ago she got a new teacher who was hired to take on the almost fours and newly fours. This women couldn't get my child to nap. And when I spoke to her about it she would get all agitated. I mean I could tell that my child agitated her.

Every morning I would try to speak to her...she was always sweeping! no warm greeting for my girl who would always run to her...And she was so frustrated, not just with Jamie but with most of her kids in that class who wouldnt nap.

I made several suggestions...why not nap them a little later - she would try to put them down at noon and there aint no way my child ever sleeps that early...Finally after about 2 wks of no napping for my girl I said something to the director - that I felt the new teacher didn't have the right personna to handle my child. THat I think Jamie is feeding off the agitation...

Friday was the new teachers last day...I hope I didn't get her fired, but am also hopeful for a better teacher for my Jamie.


Lauri said...

Good Riddance she is leaving

I am sure it was not you... that is a field notorious for high turnover. I agree that 12 noon is way to early for nap... it should be at 1pm

Does Jamie take her loveys to school to sleep with?

greedygrace said...

I say good riddance! She obviously wasn't meant to be a teacher to young children. I hope the next teacher is much better!

Marthavmuffin said...

Thanks Ladies and yes I think this teacher may be a better fit. Jamie took a nap today!