Saturday, January 30, 2010

Jamie is registed for Pre-K!

I can't believe my little baby girl is not even a toddler anymore, she is a PreK!

Here she is with one of her favorite birthday gifts from Aunt Cinda.

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

This WII has been fun!

We are enjoying the Wii, these photos from Jamie's birthday show that even the adults had a good time. This was boxing and as you can see it really is a blast.

Boxing and bowling however take a lot of arm strength and movement which I don't have too much of. While at a friends house I tried out the WII fit and want it but it is nowhere to be found, everyone has been out for weeks. The games/exercises rely more on your core body strength and balance rather than just the arm so it will be better for me. Also it really is a work out, and a fun one at that. My friend and I thought maybe if we both do it...we could even create MIIs on each others games so we could come back and forth to each others houses.

I started a new 8 week Weight Loss Challenge at work last Friday with a few other employees. I hope to lose 12 lbs this time. I want to look better and feel better. I really want to do it this time. I am eating alot of fish and fruit and staying away from starches- potatoes, rice etc...(and of course no cookies, candy, ice cream)

Maybe I will even get on the rowing machine again!

Things are better this week

Oh my gosh what a difference a week makes. Maybe there isn't so much pressure. Maybe I responded better and went out and made some good sales. More likely a combination of the two things along with some good advice from a friend (thanks Patty) and my husband made me take stock and just do it.

I know this will be a hard road to hoe with this new management team, I just need to show them what I am made of. I am a good salesperson and employee, I work hard and love my job. I just don't respond well to pressure.

*Sigh* Another learning experience!

On another note, my daughter has become quite the pistol. Whining and arguing about everything. Hopefully she is just responding to the extra stress I have been under and will calm down and come back to earth. If not we have got to find a way to show her this is unacceptable.

Tonight at ChickFilA with friends she whined/cried pretty persistantly about wanting ice cream, then about an hour later a salad. She had eaten a hearty dinner before going there so there was no reason for it. I had to take her OUTSIDE in the cold to talk with her and tell her that we would either go in and play somemore, or we would be leaving, no more whining and crying. It worked but later when it was time to play she wouldnt come down off the tower in the playroom. Had to threaten to take her new baby doll away for a week to get her to come down!

Shew!! this parenting is almost as stressful as my job!

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

My Heart Hurts

I am so stressed and overtired I probably should just go to bed.

But my heart hurts. I love my job, but not what it has become. Or let's say I love what I do, or did, but not lately.

Yes there is always an adjustment period with a new manager. You have to sell yourself as a good employee and worth working with.

I guess I didn't do a good job of selling myself with my new manager.

She just seems so repelled by me. I am definetely not the type of employee she would hire if she could. So far she has hired 2 blonde petite woman, (and she is as well) and I am neither. (I have a theory that bosses tend to hire those who are most similar to them physically)

I came in today with a testimonial from one of my clients. It wasn't easy to get and it wasn't perfect. I read it to her, and I could see her lip curl in distaste. "That's a strange testimonial"

I got written up for something this week. Something I have been very open about with both of my managers on this particular job. While she was explaining why I was being written up she also chose that time to share how much she doesn't like things I have done and said and how much I Push Back. Well Lady I am not used to being pushed so hard either!

Christ it sucks that one person can have this much power and control over another in a free country.

The economy sucks pretty bad to be able to go out and find another job right now.

So my heart hurts now.

Monday, January 11, 2010

Jamie's Birthday Cake

This was my first attempt at a 'Real' decorated cake, I really am surprised it came out as well as it did, but looking at it now I can see its flaws. Jamie sure liked it though and it looked pretty good for an amatuer attempt.

Monday, January 4, 2010

Oops! They told her she is four! & They prefer she eats first

My girl turned four today. But we didn't tell her. We just didn't do it as we were going to do a small party on Saturday for her with cake and gifts and just wanted to call that her birthday.

But they told her at school. I was feeling bad about not telling her all day long from work. Jamie didnt seem to mind though. She was just happy we took her to the restaurant. And the restaurant served her some caramel nut pie. then we went to Chuckie Cheese for a quick go around.

We will still do a small get together on Saturday, Cinda? will you guys come? Nothing fancy, maybe some Mac & Cheese for the kids, and maybe Chili for us grownups...Sound ok?

Go ahead, tell me if I am a bad mom. I can take it. We are never ready for her birthday so soon after Christmas and have been celebrating later in the month every year (usually the 3rd weekend). But this year I didn't tell the teacher, so the secret got out.

In other news, when I took Jamie to school today, her teacher informed me that she would prefer Jamie didn't eat breakfast there. I just turned to her and said, well that isn't going to work for us. Jamie won't get up in the morning, and I can barely get her dressed, there isn't any way I am going to get her to eat before 7:30am.

I then asked if I should find another daycare...she said no. I asked why things had changed, as this was spelled out clearly in the beginning...that they didn't serve breakfast, but the kids could eat there in the morning if the parents brought it. I was told because Jamie's classroom is where all the other classes drop their kids before 8:30 it's too chaotic for the teacher to handle.

Is that my problem? or theirs?

I'm sorry but this is almost a deal breaker. The last place I took Jamie was home based and she got a hot breakfast and lunch each day. Plus snacks.

Do you feed your child before daycare/school?

Friday, January 1, 2010

New Family Tradition - The Princess and The Frog & Up in the Air

We went to see movies this morning. Well I was looking for some sort of Family Tradition for the New Year Holiday, and I came up with the movies! I figure we will go either on New Years Eve, or first thing on New Years Day. We really don't go out to the movies that often so it is a special treat.

This was Jamie's second 'At the Movies' experience, it really was a cute movie. (Up was her first, last summer).

I could see Mike wasn't as excited as we were to see yet another Princess movie so I mentioned that the new George Clooney movie was playing at the same time...his eyes lit up, so that's what we did. Went to the movies and split up. Weird? Maybe so, but it gave him a chance to see a movie out (which is very important to him- me not so much).