Friday, January 1, 2010

New Family Tradition - The Princess and The Frog & Up in the Air

We went to see movies this morning. Well I was looking for some sort of Family Tradition for the New Year Holiday, and I came up with the movies! I figure we will go either on New Years Eve, or first thing on New Years Day. We really don't go out to the movies that often so it is a special treat.

This was Jamie's second 'At the Movies' experience, it really was a cute movie. (Up was her first, last summer).

I could see Mike wasn't as excited as we were to see yet another Princess movie so I mentioned that the new George Clooney movie was playing at the same time...his eyes lit up, so that's what we did. Went to the movies and split up. Weird? Maybe so, but it gave him a chance to see a movie out (which is very important to him- me not so much).


Lauri said...

How did Jamie like the movie...

I cried my eyes out at parts, and some of the voodoo scenes were scary for Livi.

but we loved it

Marthavmuffin said...

We both loved it...Jamie got a little clingy and scared during the vodoo scenes too. The Music was great!

Anonymous said...

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Rich said...

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