Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Things are better this week

Oh my gosh what a difference a week makes. Maybe there isn't so much pressure. Maybe I responded better and went out and made some good sales. More likely a combination of the two things along with some good advice from a friend (thanks Patty) and my husband made me take stock and just do it.

I know this will be a hard road to hoe with this new management team, I just need to show them what I am made of. I am a good salesperson and employee, I work hard and love my job. I just don't respond well to pressure.

*Sigh* Another learning experience!

On another note, my daughter has become quite the pistol. Whining and arguing about everything. Hopefully she is just responding to the extra stress I have been under and will calm down and come back to earth. If not we have got to find a way to show her this is unacceptable.

Tonight at ChickFilA with friends she whined/cried pretty persistantly about wanting ice cream, then about an hour later a salad. She had eaten a hearty dinner before going there so there was no reason for it. I had to take her OUTSIDE in the cold to talk with her and tell her that we would either go in and play somemore, or we would be leaving, no more whining and crying. It worked but later when it was time to play she wouldnt come down off the tower in the playroom. Had to threaten to take her new baby doll away for a week to get her to come down!

Shew!! this parenting is almost as stressful as my job!

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