Tuesday, January 26, 2010

This WII has been fun!

We are enjoying the Wii, these photos from Jamie's birthday show that even the adults had a good time. This was boxing and as you can see it really is a blast.

Boxing and bowling however take a lot of arm strength and movement which I don't have too much of. While at a friends house I tried out the WII fit and want it but it is nowhere to be found, everyone has been out for weeks. The games/exercises rely more on your core body strength and balance rather than just the arm so it will be better for me. Also it really is a work out, and a fun one at that. My friend and I thought maybe if we both do it...we could even create MIIs on each others games so we could come back and forth to each others houses.

I started a new 8 week Weight Loss Challenge at work last Friday with a few other employees. I hope to lose 12 lbs this time. I want to look better and feel better. I really want to do it this time. I am eating alot of fish and fruit and staying away from starches- potatoes, rice etc...(and of course no cookies, candy, ice cream)

Maybe I will even get on the rowing machine again!

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