Sunday, April 22, 2012

Tour de Farm

We went on a Farm tour today. One of the farms is owned  by a family in our church, they grow vegetables, flowers, herbs and have chickens. It was great fun and also educational for Jamie and for us.

I bought some Kale at that farm and also scavenged an heirloom carrot, (it was yellow) a turnip and a white potato. Have you heard of Kale chips? You wash and dry the kale really well and then tear it into pieces and shake with olive oil, then put it on a cookie sheet and put in oven at 300 degrees.

Well since I bought the kale and I was going to do it in the oven, I also sliced up the turnip, carrot and potato and did the same with them.

Mike informed me that there was NO WAY he was going to eat or even try the turnip. Thank god Jamie didn't hear him. (I think she copies his bad food habits and I try to insist she at least try stuff). Mike tried the Kale chips and wasn't a fan. Jamie did like the Kale but not the turnip. And predictably enough we all liked the Potato.

We also went to a farm that had a lot of animals, most notably a large pet turkey, lots of baby goats, a Teacup pot belly pig and chickens. There was some 'designer' vinegar and EVOO for sale - our fave was chocolate flavored vinegar - but we couldnt stomach $14 a bottle for it.

It was nice to get out of town for an afternoon and enjoy each others company. 

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Someone called her fat today

Jamie came home from dance class today and said another girl told her she was fat.

I was sad for my girl and feel bad that she does have a tummy. (as we all do in this family)

I asked her what she said to the girl and this is what she said,

"It's not nice to say mean things to people and make them feel bad".

Good for her, what a great answer. Couldn't have advised her to say anything different. (Though I was thinking, what a mean little girl!)

Anyway, Jamie asked me if she should 'not talk to her again'.

This was a tough one but I do believe in not holding grudges and turning the other cheek so I told her to be polite and nice to the girl unless she says something mean again. then if she is mean again to tell the little girl that she doesn't talk to mean people.

Think that was ok advice?

Clothes fads

Weeks went by and Jamie had to wear skirt shirt and leggings under the skirt every day. Well guess what, all her leggings are now wore out or stained.

I don't let her wear tights to school because that would be a pair a day. Boom, wear em to school and they are wrecked.

Thank goodness the style has changed in Kindergarten last week and she started wearing jeans.

So I took her to the thrift store and got her five pair for $20. I pray that the tide doesnt change again.

Hope Ashley and Amelia who seem to be the pack leaders stay with jeans for the rest of the school year.

Saturday, April 14, 2012

Introducing Cody!

One day a few weeks ago after church I saw this whitish cat being circled by the feral cat at church. I stopped the van, mom, Jamie and I were in it, not Mike. (Important to the story)

We sat there and called to this kitty who answered back pitifully. After about five minutes while Jamie was begging to get out and get the kitty, I got out and approached him.

Now I know if anyone approached my kitties anywhere including our house they would bolt and run, heck they bolt and run if I make a move to pick them up.

Not this kitty. He let me pick him up and cuddled right up to me.

So I took him home.

Yes to the husband who swore 'Not one more pet in this house for me to turd chase!'

I am now doing the cat boxes.

And I have a cuddly kitty. Who likes to be picked up, even by Jamie. He is sweet and loving to everyone except our other cats Minnie and Spicy. They have spent the last four weeks huddled up in hiding places.

I do put Cody outside on the screened porch whenever there is a cat fight. (which is mostly growling and hissing - big dramatic screaming from the Minster...)

He is Cody because he is truly the most codependent cat ever. He just loves to be held and loved on. He calls out for it whenever I enter the room.

I love my Cody Kitty. Isn't he unusual? He has a bent ear because of ear infections that didn't get treated. Isn't he the cutest?!!

(Yes I ran an ad on Craigslist but he's mine now)