Friday, September 28, 2007

Poopy and Peepee post

Well I have been reading blogs for quite some time and have read alot of the cute stories about baby and toddlers bodily functions and I finally have a funny poopy/peepee story.

Tonight we swam in the pool after dinner, as there is a noreaster coming tomorrow and I have a feeling this may be the last swim of the season. It was delightful as it usually is as our girl is quite the water baby and the pool temp was still 85 degrees. While playing on the steps I noticed something about her swim diaper that seemed strange and yes, it had been used recently - I guess that wasn't just a fart we heard daddy.

So we took her out of the pool and took her to the edge of the yard and peeled off the poopy swim diaper and got her rinsed off enough to take her in. (The swim diaper did its job and contained the feces within, which is good news, that was our first proof that they do work). Then when I got her into the screened porch, while I was drying off she stood over by the fountain and peed on the ground as I hadn't put another diaper on her yet. Then I scooped her up and took her up to the bath which was also very much enjoyed, as she always does.

After she got out of the bath she ran to the potty we just put in the bathroom about a week ago and kept sitting on it and getting up, while we talked to her about peeing in it. She would get up and stand and spread her legs real wide like she was going to do the splits, letting her feet slide apart. Mike said what the heck is she doing? I said she is a kid, she is doing weird kid things, get used to it, we have many years of weird kid stuff ahead...Then she peed on the floor and said her new word of the week - 'PeePee!'

So exciting, her first bodily function verbalization! Maybe this is the post that will get grandma reading the blog!!

Thursday, September 27, 2007

Sleepy baby

Here is my sweet baby girl after a day of playing with Grandma and us. She knew she was tired but didn't want to give up and sleep. I love the little hints she gives us that she is ready for bed. Other clues are 'the eye rub' and putting her two middle fingers in her mouth. And if she gets close to 'the lovey' she grabs it and strokes with the right hand and the left fingers go in the mouth.

It's been recently brought to my attention that my house could be cleaner, and less messy and cluttered. My answer to that is that tidiness isn't one of my priorities right now. When Jamie is awake I spend my time with her taking care of her, and when she is sleeping Mike and I rest/destress/blog/do school work etc. I know I spend alot of downtime on the computer, but hey it's all about the choices you make. I keep the kitchen clean, cook, grocery shop, do laundry, keep the stairs clean and clear (because she still goes up and down on her hands and knees); and try to keep the kitchen floors clean. That is about it. Vacuuming, dusting and bathroom cleaning is infrequent. So if you want to hang out in an immaculate house, don't come knocking.

I take my cue from my little girl and rest when I need to.

Friday, September 21, 2007

Grandma is here for a visit!

Mom is taking the picture of us

Grandma and Jamie

My mom got here last night for her first visit here since Christmas. She last saw Jamie in March when we went down state to visit her at Spring Break. I was able to take a day off (finally!) and we thoroughly enjoyed the day together! Jamie loves her grandma, well actually it's a mutual admiration society.

Sunday, September 16, 2007

Weekend Memories

This weekend we went to Toddler Art again at the library downtown, and this time we went with friends - Michelle, Danny and Jordan came too, and we got to take the train. We also ran into Marsha who used to work with me, and her son is just 2 months older than Jamie. We had alot of fun. We do live in a beautiful city don't we?

Last weekend we visited Kelly and Byron and their new pup Sophie, who is a Australian shepherd, she is a red merle. Sophie and Jamie really hit it off, they followed each other around the whole time, both very interested in the other. We really have to pack in the fun on weekends as weekdays are pretty hard - we have about 2 hours with her tops each night. Such is the life of a working middle class family.

Thursday, September 6, 2007

Boohbah on her back

Well my child now is requesting to watch tv, and being very specific about it at that. "BAH!" she says, grabbing the case for the Boohbah DVD we have. I actually bought it for a friends child, but by the time the childs birthday came around I asked my friend if he still liked Boohbah and she said he wasn't watching it anymore. So like the sorry friend I am I didnt give them the dvd, and in fact didn't give him anything for his birthday. Sorry Jordan!! Anyway I finally cracked it open about a week ago and Jamie adores this show. It is the weirdest kids show I have ever seen. Its from the makers of Teletubbies who claim that this is a preschool exercise show. It's more like a preschool magic carpet ride if you ask me. If you have ever seen 'Boohbah' what do you think? If you haven't seen it, check it's a trip.

Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Time out

We have been doing 'Time Out' now with Jamie for about a month with mixed results. She feels she should be able to do what she wants whenever she wants. She does this tearless cry/shout/whine whenever she is dissuaded from something she wants to do. Examples include picking her up from daycare, taking a phone, or keys or other forbidden object from her once she has grabbed it, and transitions in general like when putting her in 'her pen' in the living room even when we are going in too, or taking her up to change her etc.

Anyway we only use 'Time Out' for when she is really doing something willful. Like playing with the phone as she knows better. First we give her a warning, 'Don't touch the phone' then if she continues the behavior we put her in 'Time Out'. As we sit her down we tell her 'You didn't listen to mommy and played with the phone.' She cries bloody murder then, no fakeness about it at this point - tears and everything. I dont understand how we will ever put her there and leave her, as you can see we have to hold her down.

How do we get the Grandmas to view the blog!?

The weekend is over and I haven't even posted on our blog! I did add a 'badge' from FLicker, over on the right hand side. It shows small pictures from our Flickr account and if you click on it you can see those as well as the rest of our pictures that I have added to Flickr which is a really cool photo sharing site. What more could a grandma ask for? Getting pictures mailed to them apparently. I just don't develop prints anymore. It takes so much time to download and scan and dispose of the ones that didn't come out. Then to post to Flickr or shutterfly or snapfish, not to mention blogging time. What's a working, blogging mom to do? When we set up the blog we were both going to post, but you can all see how that is turning out. :-)

Both grandmas have computers, but don't really use them for one reason or another. My mom lives 5 hours away, his mom 9 hours. How can I convince them that they could be participating in the sometimes daily update of their beloved granddaughter. I mentioned to my mom that there is also a way we can do Live video of Jamie, but I could feel her eyes glazing over. Any ideas?