Tuesday, September 4, 2007

How do we get the Grandmas to view the blog!?

The weekend is over and I haven't even posted on our blog! I did add a 'badge' from FLicker, over on the right hand side. It shows small pictures from our Flickr account and if you click on it you can see those as well as the rest of our pictures that I have added to Flickr which is a really cool photo sharing site. What more could a grandma ask for? Getting pictures mailed to them apparently. I just don't develop prints anymore. It takes so much time to download and scan and dispose of the ones that didn't come out. Then to post to Flickr or shutterfly or snapfish, not to mention blogging time. What's a working, blogging mom to do? When we set up the blog we were both going to post, but you can all see how that is turning out. :-)

Both grandmas have computers, but don't really use them for one reason or another. My mom lives 5 hours away, his mom 9 hours. How can I convince them that they could be participating in the sometimes daily update of their beloved granddaughter. I mentioned to my mom that there is also a way we can do Live video of Jamie, but I could feel her eyes glazing over. Any ideas?

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Lauri said...

Just keep sending links.. perhaps show them how to access your page on a next visit and be precise with instructions. My mom has problems with links I embedd and just needed a little lesson.

Just send an email with a link and entice them with really cute pics