Sunday, September 16, 2007

Weekend Memories

This weekend we went to Toddler Art again at the library downtown, and this time we went with friends - Michelle, Danny and Jordan came too, and we got to take the train. We also ran into Marsha who used to work with me, and her son is just 2 months older than Jamie. We had alot of fun. We do live in a beautiful city don't we?

Last weekend we visited Kelly and Byron and their new pup Sophie, who is a Australian shepherd, she is a red merle. Sophie and Jamie really hit it off, they followed each other around the whole time, both very interested in the other. We really have to pack in the fun on weekends as weekdays are pretty hard - we have about 2 hours with her tops each night. Such is the life of a working middle class family.


Patty said...

Kelly & Byron's puppy is adorable. You may want to tell Kelly that that crate is too big for her puppy (cute little thing!). She needs to allow the dog only enough room to turn around and lie down. And, the puppy should not wait longer then it's age + 1 to 2 hours to go potty (i.e., 2 months should be taken out within 4 hours; 3 months within 5 hours, etc). I would also suggest they take her to Pet Smart for some training; it did wonders for the Divine Ms. D. (Or maybe I should mind my business.)
Thanks for letting us watch Jamie; she is such a joy to us.

Marthavmuffin said...

they have a partition in the crate, so it isnt as big as it appears inside. they work different schedules so the dog gets out every 2 hours...and they have some training already set up.

I am glad you enjoyed having Jamie there. Mike said she was visibly excited about getting to your house yesterday. Thanks again. Jamie is lucky to have you guys. (and so are we LOL)

Anonymous said...

Great pictures! That puppy IS adorable!!