Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Kitty Wrangling Or TNR ing

 The original kittens on the porch step - well three of the five.

 I thought Gator was going to die!! He just laid there for 3 days!

 Gator, smaller than my water bottle.

 He could fit in Dad's pocket
 Gator now - Well loved and getting tall!
About three months ago I noticed my neighbor lady's cat colony had another litter. This colony has been there for a couple of years and the kittens keep coming. We starting stopping over there a couple of times a week to socialize the kittens and when they were about 6 wks old I kitnapped the kittens.

I found homes for all but the littlest plain tabby. I was NOT doing this to acquire another cat. We had 3 cats and a dog and I do alot of turd handling.

Well as it happens everyone wanted the Siamese and the Tabby marked kittens so we got 'stuck' with the plainer Tabby. But he is the sweetest kitten. 

I gave him some flea meds a bit too early and he almost died. See above in the blue blanket- He just laid there and was so lanquid! He wouldn't eat- I had to force feed him with a syringe. I was taking him to bed with me and holding him so I would know when he needed to pee or poo. He would wake and cry and I would put him in the box to do his business and then bring him back to my side.

He was a bit shyer than the rest as he normally didn't come out when we stopped to do the socializing. (That is him hissing at us on the front step in the top photos.)

Here is the whole litter - I kept them in a dog's crate most of the time to keep track of them.

 I called this one Spitfire!

 My friend came and picked between the last two.
 Gator's mom on the way to get spayed.
 Mom with a kitten in her pocket.
 Gators dad?
 Gators aunt?
My friends daughter wanted Gator but Lipp got chosen by her mom instead.

So the last 3 months have involved TNRing. 

Trapping, Neutering. Return is a program my city uses for Feral cats. Instead of putting them down then encourage the community to bring in the feral kitties and they fix them and give them shots and return them to the original site.

I trapped 13 cats for the program. One of them got let loose by my daughter - so now there is a black and white female (Probably Gator's aunt) loose near my home. The other 12 were returned although I only see four there at the original site. What happened to them all? I don't know but the neighbor lady is sure grateful I helped her cull down the herd. Now I return the traps though I didn't catch them all. Mr. Mustachio remains at the outskirts of the colony. He was just too clever to be trapped.

I am unnaturally happy & unconcerned about life (NOT WORRYING)

I just got some good news about a diagnostic mammogram and biopsy I had Monday. Whew...But I don't think I sweated it that much actually.

In fact for some reason I am not sweating things right now. I have nothing closing which is unusual for me as a Realtor. But I am not freaking out.

Thinking about cancelling cable, yes. Worrying not really.

Why is this? I am not sure, but for some reason Faith has said her prayers.

Life is good!!