Sunday, August 29, 2010


My child is so bullheaded. And so am I and so is my mother. Sometimes it ain't pretty.

I just want my mom to keep her mouth shut and not give her opinion. Certainly not to say things like "Jamie wins most of the battles no wonder she fights so much"

Geesh just not what I want her to comment on. Specially in front of Jamie.

This from a almost 70 yr old woman who will argue back and forth with Jamie about stupid stuff. "Yes it is" "No it isn't" "Yes it is" and so on.

You get the message.

What is it with Moms and daughters. It's like a constant tug of war.

Sometimes I am sad I am not going to have the experience of raising a boy. A boy who would adore and listen.

Is it true what they say? Are boys easier?

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Would love a kitchen Makeover

We got a quote about four mos ago for over $6,000 just to replace the cabinets, and didn't include the countertop, backsplash, plumbing and electrical.

We had a contrator over to do a bit of work today (some of our siding had come loose and the boards underneath had a bit of moisture damage and he caulked our tub and shower). He didnt charge much- $400 so we invited him to give us some other quotes.

Now he trying to talk us into new cabinets in the kitchen. No quote yet but led us to believe maybe only 2k for it all..

I just dont see it.

I also asked him for a quote of just sanding and painting the cupboards instead of replacing them and replacing the countertop, backsplash (with tile of course) etc.

We have to do something, the backsplash is fake red brick (Facade), and the countertop is fake butcherblock formica.

I am so sick of my kitchen, if we sell someday we will need to renovate, so why not enjoy it now while we are living here...We have lived here 10 years and hated the kitchen from the get go.

The first more costly option would involve us tearing everything out. We are just not wanting to do that just sounds like such a hassle. And how do you know to trust a contractor?

Well the price quotes haven't come in, and that will either help us to make a decision or put it off again.

What to do what to do...Any experience out there?

VPK IS a lot of fun!

Well day two of Jamie's new class at VPK = which stands for Voluntary Pre Kindergarten. Here in Florida we have subsidized PreK. What it mainly does is knock about 80 dollars a month off the child care bill. Or if you take just to VPK Mon-Friday 8:30-noon it's free. Not bad. I am a bit surprised the program hasn't been cut yet by the budget slashers here in the state but we lucked out.

Jamie seems to love her new class and that is a good thing. Her new teacher seems a little more relaxed, she allows the kids to actually play! You know move around the room and do what they want pretty much!?

At least first thing in the morning. I saw my girl showing some actual delight in being there.

And she proceeded to tell me that her old teacher's class was 'crappy'.

Oh my, I need to watch what I say. Over the weekend Jamie said 'Damn!' She is picking up on everything.

Anyway when she said that about her other teacher tried not to laugh. I didnt really like how her other teacher always had them sitting at the table!

In other homefront news, Mike is totally overwhelmed with all the demands of his first week back teaching over 100 students World History.

And I am missing my house hubby.

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Child arranged Playdate

Every day Mike picked up Jamie last week he was greeted with "Daddy, Madison is coming over for dinner, Daddy we have to call Madison, she is coming over" etc etc.

I picked her up one day and got the same spiel. So I facebooked (is that a word yet?) Madison's mom and said 'we have to get these girls together soon.

Madison and her family came over for a Sunday pool/play date. It was first of many Jamie-arranged play dates I am sure.

It was fun, mozf importantly, they had fun. The girls will be separated after this week. Their teacher has decided that Jamie and her 3 friends need to be separated as much as possible. Since there are 3 VPK classes and four in this 'posse' it isn't entirely possible, so Jamie and Chayse will be in one room, Madison and Brooklyn in the other two rooms.

Poor babies, how much harm can four year olds do in a small group? It's not like they are going out hanging with boys in cars! And this will be their last year together as next year they will be going in separate directions for Kindergarten. These kids have been together for the past 2-3 years and face it in their lifetimes, thats an eternity.

So we are maybe going to do a Water Park trip on a Saturday with at least 3 of the families. We are hoping for Brooklyns family to go as well. (remember the pump it up party- that was Brooklyn's birthday party.)

How would you feel about your child getting separated from her friends? I'm sure this will happen again, but didn't expect it until at least fifth grade or so.

High Maintenance girl

I have created a monster. I put some real nail polish on Jamie's toes and fingers last weekend, it's just a clear coat with sparkles. And she was so excited, both to have it on and anticipating showing her friends at school.

So today she informed me it was wearing off, and I said ok lets finish reading Henry and Ribsy, and she kept interupting the story to show it to me and ask me to reapply.

I told her maybe this weekend and she started whining and kind of cry/nagging me. (know what I mean?) She just kept on...turns into a huge thing. Gosh darn it I don't even do my nails very often!!

Not sure if I can keep this up.

Saturday, August 7, 2010

Grandma loves her girl

Time for some changes

How do you like the Cute as a Button photo of Jamie at the top? Is from Blizzard Beach, see I let my baby get sunburn!!?

The photos on this blog top and sides were a year old and Jamie is no longer a 3 yr old, but now a wise woman of the world at four!

The trophy we are sitting in front of came from Playing in a Trivia contest for 5 weeks. Our team won first place!

I never get comments but my stats show folks are coming here just about every day.

Do me a favor and say hello and say who you are.

Just wondering. :-)

Sunday, August 1, 2010

visit with Aunt Elaine

My Aunt Elaine isn't really a blood aunt, but inherited by my mothers second marriage. Both my mother and Aunt Elaine divorced the brothers they married, but as we were fond of saying 'we kept each other' and our families continued to be close. She has a way of making a person special, specially a small person. I remember going into the hospital for minor surgery at about age 12 ir 13 and she brought me these little colorful dots for me to paste on paper.

She later gave me a blue crystal bluebird when I got married - my bluebird of happiness. She is my bluebird of happiness. She is such fun and I am so glad we were able to visit with her on our vacation.

Jamie loves her too.

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