Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Child arranged Playdate

Every day Mike picked up Jamie last week he was greeted with "Daddy, Madison is coming over for dinner, Daddy we have to call Madison, she is coming over" etc etc.

I picked her up one day and got the same spiel. So I facebooked (is that a word yet?) Madison's mom and said 'we have to get these girls together soon.

Madison and her family came over for a Sunday pool/play date. It was first of many Jamie-arranged play dates I am sure.

It was fun, mozf importantly, they had fun. The girls will be separated after this week. Their teacher has decided that Jamie and her 3 friends need to be separated as much as possible. Since there are 3 VPK classes and four in this 'posse' it isn't entirely possible, so Jamie and Chayse will be in one room, Madison and Brooklyn in the other two rooms.

Poor babies, how much harm can four year olds do in a small group? It's not like they are going out hanging with boys in cars! And this will be their last year together as next year they will be going in separate directions for Kindergarten. These kids have been together for the past 2-3 years and face it in their lifetimes, thats an eternity.

So we are maybe going to do a Water Park trip on a Saturday with at least 3 of the families. We are hoping for Brooklyns family to go as well. (remember the pump it up party- that was Brooklyn's birthday party.)

How would you feel about your child getting separated from her friends? I'm sure this will happen again, but didn't expect it until at least fifth grade or so.


The Big Green Easy said...

It's difficult when your kids are separated from the friends they know so well. When my daughter first started school online from home, we really had to make the effort to keep her in contact with her old public school friends. She's now in 5th grade and has kept in touch with her past friends and made many new ones through online social groups. It was definitely a struggle at first though. For about a year now, she's been involved in Girl Scouts and that has made the greatest difference in her social circles. She gets to hang out with old friends and new ones every week now.

Laura said...

As a teacher I can see how the girls might be separated. I think it might be to help them branch out and get new friends. But then again, true friends are really hard to come by... so maybe they should have kept them together! I am visiting from ICLW.... and hope to read more about your family :)

Glass Case of Emotion said...

I can't really add anything as I don't have a child yet. The water park sounds fun!

I am stopping by from ICLW...

-Jess (#74)

Kristin said...

What a beautiful girl you have. I hope she doesn't have too tough a time being separated from her friends.

#28 ICLW

Tina said...

Stopping by from ICLW. You have a beautiful family!

ICLW #172