Wednesday, August 25, 2010

VPK IS a lot of fun!

Well day two of Jamie's new class at VPK = which stands for Voluntary Pre Kindergarten. Here in Florida we have subsidized PreK. What it mainly does is knock about 80 dollars a month off the child care bill. Or if you take just to VPK Mon-Friday 8:30-noon it's free. Not bad. I am a bit surprised the program hasn't been cut yet by the budget slashers here in the state but we lucked out.

Jamie seems to love her new class and that is a good thing. Her new teacher seems a little more relaxed, she allows the kids to actually play! You know move around the room and do what they want pretty much!?

At least first thing in the morning. I saw my girl showing some actual delight in being there.

And she proceeded to tell me that her old teacher's class was 'crappy'.

Oh my, I need to watch what I say. Over the weekend Jamie said 'Damn!' She is picking up on everything.

Anyway when she said that about her other teacher tried not to laugh. I didnt really like how her other teacher always had them sitting at the table!

In other homefront news, Mike is totally overwhelmed with all the demands of his first week back teaching over 100 students World History.

And I am missing my house hubby.

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SD said...

It's been awhile! I have reading to do to catch up! I have not gotten on to write anything since JANUARY! I will try to post- need to make a new blog only public would be nicer-no one can find me now except the few of you who stayed to follow. But! I had a chance this morning to look at your site- wondering how you all are- My little ones are going into Preschool.They have a state program in Pa called 'PreK counts" you have to qualify financially- and since I cut a lot of hours at my work and now work casual (since the kids) we just squeaked in for a family of 5. It is M-F a 5 star preschool and 8:45-11:45 and free(that is the 3 yr old program with three teachers to about 15-19 students!)
It was better than the little Catholic School's program I registered them for- paying 250/month. But they could cut by one flick of a pen on the state budget at any time. That is the hard part.