Friday, August 10, 2012

I killed Mickey

So I had some folks over for dinner and games on Sunday. (We are big board game geeks. We play European designed strategy games called Setters of Catan and Ticket to Ride). Anyway I had prepared a Roast beef by marinating it in my special marinade using garlic, EVOO, herbs, honey, vinegar, oil and ketchup.

I do my roasts on the grill outside indirectly...I turn the burner on one side and Put the roast over a 'grease pan' of tin foil on the other side and cook it like it's in the oven. It gives it a yummy taste and doesn't heat up the house, a biggie hear in always 90 Degree plus weather in the summer.

Anyway, I reached down and turned the gas on underneath, turned the burner on and flicked the ignitor...I heard some thumping around and opened it up to find a huge mouse in there...and he was burnt! He fell out and convulsed underneath until I screamed for Mike.

Mike had to take him off the side of the house and dispose of him. He had to drown him to put him out of his misery...

Gross I know...and believe it or not...after letting the grill bake off the grossness we went ahead and cooked the roast.

Hope that was enough to disinfect the mouseness off the grill...*SHUDDER* It was so gross!!

Skating is a lot harder than I remembered!

I took Jamie skating yesterday and boy am I sore today. I recently found out I have Osteopenia, a precursor to Osteoporosis. One of the things I need to do now is regularly do some 'Weight bearing exercises' Well I hate to run, Aerobics wrecked my feet (Heel spurs and Morton Neuroma) so walking is about it. Swimming, biking and rowing are all not considered weight bearing and those are my 'go to' exercises.

But Jamie had been begging to go skating, so I thought, skating sure seems like it's weight bearing, so off we went. She did pretty well, she had gone a month or so ago with our church group (While I was working) so this was her second time.

I however haven't skated since 2000 or so...My first time around the rink too about 6 or 8 minutes. But by the time 2 hours passed I was able to get around pretty quickly, even faster than Jamie.

It was fun...But I am a bit sore.

We have been walking the dog almost every day, and I need to add something fun to my routine. I am just not a zumba /dancercize type person. I am so uncoordinated! But I can get into the rhythm of skating so we may go more often.

I want to live a long healthy life. I don't want to be a painful cripple like my mom is and like my dad was the last years of his life. So I am taking my Calcium Citrate with D and trying to move this body...the weight bearing way.

I hear strong is the new skinny after all.